1. Java is Simple .Any language can be considered as straightforward in the event that it is not difficult to learn and comprehend. The language structure of Java is direct, simple to compose, learn, keep up, and comprehend, the code is effectively debuggable.
2. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language .Java is an article situated language that assists us with improving the adaptability and reusability of the code. Utilizing the OOPs idea, we can without much of a stretch reuse the article in different projects.
3. Java is a safe language .Java lessens security dangers and dangers by keeping away from the utilization of express pointers. A pointer stores the memory address of another worth that can make unapproved access memory.
4. Java is modest and conservative to keep up .Java programs are modest to create and keep up as these projects are reliant upon a particular equipment framework to run. We can without much of a stretch execute them on any machine that decreases the additional expense to keep up.
5. Java is stage independent. Java offers a powerful help to its clients by giving the element of stage autonomy that is Write Once Run Anywhere(WORA) highlight.
The aggregated code, i.e the byte code of java is stage free and can run on any machine independent of the working framework. We can run this code on any machine that upholds the Java Virtual Machine(JVM).FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HERE: