A venereal disease or sexually transmitted disease (STD) is a disease caused by infection from a virus or sexual contact with an infected person. In addition to being transmitted through sexual contact, this infection can also be transmitted through body fluids, sperm, as well as shared needles.

This sexually transmitted disease is included in the infection which is quite high in Indonesia, so that it becomes one of the diseases that is feared by everyone. Because this transmission is through sexual intercourse, it is highly recommended that you do not have intercourse freely. If you frequently have multiple sexual partners, one of your partners may be infected with a venereal disease and transmit it to you.

Reproductive organs will be infected due to STDs and it should be noted that this condition should not be taken lightly because later it will cause serious health problems. Therefore, if you are infected with STDs, it must be treated immediately to prevent complications or even you can experience infertility. The risk of STD infection is higher in women than men, because the female reproductive organs are more vulnerable.

If you start to feel the symptoms that have been described, then don't wait any longer and get checked immediately to find out if these symptoms come from the genitals or not. You can also go directly to treatment at the Venereology Clinic at Ruko Roxy Jl. MH Thamrin No. 17 Cibatu, Cikarang, Bekasi Regency.

In the treatment of this venereal disease must be with a doctor who is competent and experienced. Start the disease right through patient interviews which include symptoms and complaints, treatment in treatment and administration of drugs.

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Our clinic also provides free consultation services via Whatsapp to make it easier for you to ask questions or about genital problems. You can also make online reservations to determine the schedule for treatment of venereal diseases.