Evolution in Runescape I thought about this for a while

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Even though I wear an ugly outfit, (Mith chain and OSRS gold studded chaps) I am still in love with it. No one follows me around, asking for claws or anything else. Since I am seen as an inconvenience, they tend to ignore me. Actually, I switched from this to Full bandos+claws last day.

I was welcomed by a gentleman next to me who said, "Oh Luftey, didn’t know you were 120. He thought you were a level 40. Tell me your thoughts. Your clothes influence people's perception of you. Do you judge people by their clothes? I think most people overlook me in my new attire... However, I do have a tendency to judge others based on the clothes they're wearing.

Evolution in Runescape I thought about this for a while. You can see the obelisk at the center and the graveyards to either side of Soul Wars. But the main goal of the game as mentioned earlier, is to gain access to your own team's graveyard. The next step is to eliminate the avatar. Let's say that your team is victorious. Some guy reduces ava level to zero via the obelisk. Then, next, your team takes the graveyard that is opposite:

Your near to the avatar right now. My biggest concern is that the other side has the graveyard next to the avatar. It is in a perfect place to protect it. It's true that evolution involves mutations eventually leading to the better race or animal: Survival of the fittest. However, it is not without its same meaning. It's a wonderful cause and effect sequence, if we consider Gielnorianly. Don't tell me that 'omg you noob this isn't an evolutionary gtfo NUB and cheap RuneScape gold get science degree kthxbai'. Let me know what you think.

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