Six Tips for Spring Cleaning of Your Website

Be honest: How much cleaning up did you devote to this year? Did you clear your gutters, sweep out the pantry, organize your closets?

Learn Why Now is the Perfect Moment to Update Your Website What's more, and how

Be honest: How much cleaning up did you devote to this year? Did you clear your gutters, sweep out the pantry, organize your closets?

What about your website's performance for your business vault market? Shouldn't it be given a new start too?

Websites are living, breathing entities. Websites are living, breathing things that require regular maintenance.

It's the perfect time to renew your website and remove the dust that has built up.

Stay tuned for my top six tips to refresh your website:

1. Clean up WordPress

What is the best way to update your website? WordPress is the most basic version.

WordPress is a software. All software should be updated to ensure that it's in good working order and safe.

You should ensure WordPress is up-to-date. Additionally, you should to make sure that all plugins you use are up-to-date. It is a good idea to look for broken links regularly and also to remove any media you're not using.

It might seem simpler than it actually is, based on your technical skills. Never start tinkering with the backend of your site without having some experience with WordPress, and if you have backups that are reliable (it is a good idea to know what you should do with those backups, should you ever need them).

It is possible to have the basic maintenance done by a trusted web agency.

If your website doesn't receive regular maintenance, it may be beneficial to get in touch with your web designer and request them update your site each month.

2. 2.

The images and text on your website is your representation of your brand to the world, and your homepage must be especially compelling or people won't feel that they've landed at the right spot.

What content do you have on your site paint the image you want to result in leads and sales? Are you seeing the results that you desire?

It's easy to alter the copy of your website. Keep in mind that copy is the king of the web. If your copy isn't written properly it's unlikely to elicit much trust from potential customers or motivate them to take action.

Cleansing your website could be as easy as changing a couple of headlines, or even changing your current specials. Our client A Bear and Bison Inn regularly updates their specials and packages they provide (and don't they look tempting? ).

3. Get it to look modern

I bet you look through your home with the eye of an amateur interior designer. The shag carpeting is not being used.

I'm sure you're constantly changing the look of your home - a new rug here, a new curtain there - to ensure that it's fresh and contemporary.

Your website should be treated with the same scrutiny. Does it look similar to similar websites? Does it appear like it was created this year... or 5 years ago, or even more?

The online trends are more active than any other type of trend. It is suggested that your site be reviewed every three years to stay up to date with the most recent techniques.

Use this spring's energy to revamp your website's look and feel contemporary and attractive to the market of today.

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