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On September 18, 2019, some have been completely supervised noticed vehicles putting in jiang as a result of la kang individual township Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping legal system after burn sight, some analysis belonging to the staff understanding of strong anti reconnaissance, coupled considering the driving way is perhaps carrying disallowed items, then various draw on plenty of monitoring found Cheap Newport Cigarettes Carton the fact that the suspicious truck hiding at a 6 km removed from the region seat with the construction.

The job force promptly attack, at that moment from three suspicious trucks seized an overall of 650 brandnames of fake cigarettes, the value belonging to the identification in excess of 57, 000 yuan, and even arrested suspects USA Cigarettes Online Tans xx, Zeng, then Jiangcheng Region public Reliability Bureau on a single day to help you zeng xx, Tans xx "818" illegally reproduced business court case registered and even investigated.

After higher than a year in investigation, the job force uncovered all elements and key element figures as a result of command, method of travel, storage and even distribution. At long last, the court case was closed inside of the unified command line of Pu 'er Court Security Agency and Tobacco smoking Monopoly Agency. Capture operation, the switch of court security, the law personnel, more rather than 60 tobacco class of 4 to help you capture in addition the launch of busts, 10 many people red-handed predict (early trapped 2 many people, a absolute of 12 many people arrested suspects), grabbed "clouds (soft treasures)" "clouds" (purple) "red sea (88)", "red river" (soft armor) basic steps brands which includes article 4577 fake cigarettes, Possible value is about 340, 320 yuan.

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