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Fildena is the pill for erectile dysfunction. This pill work for 3 to 5 hour. It is also known as a Fildena purple triangle.

What is Fildena 100?

Fildena 100 is a treatment that treats erectile dysfunction (ED), which is one of the most common diseases in men.

Today's chaotic world can lead to men's poor sexual performance. These factors include a disturb sleep-wake cycle and bad eating and drinking habits. We will also explore other factors later in this article.

Ask any patient about the downsides of being in an emergency room. An ED patient must deal with everything from guilt at not being able to fulfil your wife's needs to the frustrations of society.

Fildena 100 mg tablet stands for relief for those who have lost their jobs, relationships, and respect due to ED.

How to Take Fildena 100

Fildena is not effective without natural sexual stimulation. Take the drug between 15 and 60 minutes before you have your intercourse to get a firm erection lasting for more than 4 hours. You can take Fildena with or without food, and the same results are achieved.

  • Fildena 100 mg has no side effects and is easy to use.
  • Take the prescribed medication with a glass of water.
  • Experts advise against swallowing or breaking the pill.
  • Avoid combining the medication with alcohol and other addictive substances. The drug's ability to treat the illness could be compromised.

How Fildena 100 works

Fildena 100 pills can be used to treat a man's erection when it is at its most vulnerable. This pill is used to maintain a man's erection for as long as possible prior to a sexual encounter.

When a guy is stimulated, he will experience a large inflow of blood to the penis. This is what causes the penis to become erect. The erection will be strong enough to allow for intercourse if the penis is filled with blood.

 This tablet relaxes the bladder muscles, lowers blood pressure and smooths the erectile tissue. It also causes the penis blood vessels to expand. When the person is stimulated, things are a bit different.

Because there is no obstruction blood can easily enter the penis, creating an inexorable erection. As per the guarantee of the company, the other goal is to keep your penis in an erect position for between 4 and 8 hours. This is done by making PDE5 (phosphodiesterase kind 5) inactive. PDE5's primary function after ejaculation is to reduce the penis erection.

The erection will last longer if PDE5 can be reduced to a mere bystander.

Fildena 100 Warning

  • Fildena can cause sleepiness so it is important to avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid any activity that requires concentration (e.g. driving), as it can cause drowsiness.
  • Fildena can be toxic for men over 60 years old.
  • Fildena is not recommended to be used by women or children, as it has not been approved.
  • Fildena and grapefruit juices slow down the drug's action.
  • Fildena 100 and Fildena 120 should not be taken by patients who are undergoing surgery, have allergies or have heart problems.
  • Fildena can cause vision blurring or dizziness in some cases. You should consult a doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms.
  • Before you take Fildena, there are many important things to be aware of.

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