Different voice packs in Genshin Impact give people a different gaming experience

Genshin Impact 2.1 version was released this month.

I am not a guy who is keen on dubbing and subwoofer, but when I download Genshin Impact on a new device, the first thing I will do is download the Chinese voice package. Because English dubbing will turn my favorite character into a stranger I hardly know.

Genshin Impact 2.1 version was released this month. What is Genshin Impact Accounts disappointing is that this problem still occurs.

I made a comparison between the Chinese dubbing of the new content and the English dubbing. Baal and Sara are a domineering and arrogant character in the game, but deep in their hearts they have a personality to protect others. So when I play their voices in their profile, it makes me feel like they treat travelers like a mother or a sister. However, the English dubbing shows that they are like a female boss who squeezes employees. However, what is even more sad is that it is not uncommon for characters like Sara and Baal to change their personality through English localization.

A year ago I decided to play this game in Chinese because of Paimon. Because Paimon is the wizard guide in the entire game, he usually has a disgusting way of speaking in the third person. But when I used Chinese dubbing in Genshin Impact, he made me feel like a real friend. However, compared with English dubbing, it sounds like anime tropes. There is Genshin Impact Account Buy such a big difference between the two that I can't enjoy the game through the English voice package at all.

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