Interestingly you can encounter ocean life it is important to go to any Runescape port

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This was the millionth time I had to verbally admit this poor nub. He's a complete failure as well as a fool for his AWSUM achievement of 99 firemaking RS 2007 Gold. A 99 fm untrimmed cape is without doubt the most absurd excuse you can use to argue that "I'm better than you" in Runescape. 99 firemaking when it's your only 99 is stupid and pointless.

You're aware that Adze is available for purchase at 92. The Adze is available at 92. 99 is a bit from you (sorta) So why not try it? It takes several weeks to finish and is boring. The only factor that makes it worth the effort is the fact that it is reasonably affordable if you own maples or willows. For it to work, you'll need approximately 45k logs.

I still had a great time verbally attacking him and crushing his hopes. Aren't you tired of seeing 99 fm'ers wearing untrimmed capes that number in the hundreds? The majority of them don't possess Adze. There are other skills that they need and a lot of them are at a lower level (60-80). The smart alecs have attitudes.

I've been involved in at least 3 arguments over nubs that believe they are better than I since I don't wear my 99 cape all day long. I'm not able to say that I've swung 99 times, but I did it for money for a time. I stopped at about the 96-and-half mark and then decided I'd add it to my already strong 99. In the end OSRS Gold For Sale, I think 99 fm'ing is an insufferable excuse for a 99. I'm not proud of my 99 fletch cape and I don't often wear it.

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