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The developers comment that they didn’t always intend to base the game’s seaside town specifically on Hastings, but it became difficult not to considering Hogg lives there. “If I want to put some interesting buildings in a game and I live in a place that has interesting buildings, then it makes a certain amount of sense for me to wonder down the hill from where I live,” says Hogg. He remarks that many of his sketches were done in and around Hastings, outside or “in a coffee shop or a pub… I love pubs.” A quintessentially British attitude, that. The pub in the game, The Camel, was even modelled after the oddly small pubs in Hastings, such as the one Haggett and Hogg are sitting in during the video.

During I Am Dead players can slice their way into many different objects, looking into a radio to see the intricate interior, or looking into a boat to find a sailor smuggling alcohol. Hogg explains that “the game is about stuff because it’s literally about objects," and the mini-documentary delves into some of the objects in the game and the stories behind them. Hogg explains the origins of the red, decommissioned World War II mines featured in the game, which can be found in a lot of seaside towns across Britain in real life, repurposed as charity boxes that people slot coins into. In Shelmerston, slicing these mines reveals a load of coins bundled new world coins

The most random anecdote to make its way into Shelmerston was Hogg’s “Buddha in hoover story”, referencing the miniature Buddha statue you can find inside one of the game’s vintage hoovers. Hogg explains that he had accidentally hoovered up his own Buddha statue and when he found it two months later, the detail made its way into the game. He is also pretty opinionated on the size of the game’s hoover bags: “there’s no way I’m accepting a bag that flaccid in my video game, it has to be nice and full.”
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