How to do free theme work

The poems, which belong to the literary genre, represent these types of texts that invite a lecture focused on cultural enjoyment and entertainment. In this type of text, the type of criterion that contributes its musicality to what is expressed in the text also acquires meaning. literary

They will likely ask you in class for work on a free theme,

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of your choice. This seems like an excellent option because if you're given the topic, you'll have to search for information that may be difficult for you to find. To the theme of a work, it has its "tricks", and we will help you get it right.

  • Choose one theme that you master, as it will make you feel more motivated and use more resources to accomplish it.
  • Do not use too common a topic. A topic that is covered a lot may not arouse the interest of the teacher. However, a theme that is rarely used can even make your mark on your originality.
  • Similarly, do not choose a topic for which there is scarce information. Do not be too original in the sense, because it will be much more difficult to obtain information about the case, and the lack of information can make the work short and that it contributes very little.
  • When extracting excerpts from encyclopedias and other sources of consultation, when transferring the text to your work, try to add your personal "touch", add reflections, create questions so that the reader can ponder them and so that the content can be debated in later classes. liver. This can be the beginning of many interesting knowledge exchange days. It can even open up a way for specialization and generation of more content regarding the research line you have opened yourself.
  • Finally, be precise with the length of the text. The teacher will ask you for a certain number of words to base you on, use common sense, and do not exceed the predetermined number too much. This will teach you that, if necessary, you are training yourself in your ability to synthesize. On the other hand, you should also not stay too "short", otherwise, it indicates a lack of interest on your part, which will be taken into account.

The texts may have different typologies. Words get their own life from the expressive power of language. However,

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the way the words are organized may differ depending on the format and characteristics of each type of text. At Formation and Studies, we list some of the types of texts more frequently.

Scientific text

The purpose of studying this kind of content is scientific, as the name implies. For example, you could pay attention to a problem related to a new find or an important discovery. All this, described from the perspective of a formal language that contains expert data and conditions.

Philosophical texts

The history of philosophy contains the essential knowledge of the great authors who added their legacy to the first wisdom. A text of this type is the subject of study and subsequent reflection by a remark covering the main theme, the ideas presented, the author, philosophical influences, and possible conclusions.

Texts for a website

The format of the writing changes depending on the context. The internet has opened the door to a new kind of information. For example, the content marketing is one of the promotional and positioning resources most used by companies to improve their visibility in the top positions of search engines. If you are writing a text for the internet, it is convenient to pay attention to more technical questions, for example, SEO.

Narrative text

This is the type of work in which the protagonists of the plot give life to a series of events that make up the plot. In the publishing universe, it is possible to choose books that stand out for their narrative contribution based on real events or imaginary events.

Poetic text

It is a type of writing that values ​​form and substance as a way of expressing beauty. From the point of view of form, the use of symbolic expressions and stylistic sources that provide audience beauty and meaningful to the content itself.

Journalistic text

The paper press also underwent a turning point with the advent of the internet as the media also opened the door for online information.

The main purpose of a text of this type is to provide truthful information and verify a specific matter. The search for objectivity is a starting point in describing a news item that is of social importance.

However, there are different types of journalistic texts. An opinion piece,

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for example, if it emphasizes the reflection that the author shares on an interesting topic.


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