Importance of technical seo in seo services

It is very important to lay a strong foundation for a successful result, be it constructing a house or starting a new relationship.

It is very important to lay a strong foundation for a successful result, be it constructing a house or starting a new relationship. In the same way, seo services also works best when the initial stages are followed with utmost precision. Technical seo is one thing which people must swear by as a part of seo services.

In simple terms, Technical SEO is that part of seo services which refers to anything that you do which makes your site easier for search engines to crawl and index. You might have top notch content but if you are unable to get users to read it then it all goes in vain. Technical SEO provides visibility to your website.


One of the most important things you must keep in mind when it comes to technical seo is page load time. You might have the best of website with most relevant content but if it takes ages to load then people will exit it right away which will result in a high bounce rate and reduced visibility because Google won't show what users don't want to see. Therefore it is very important to optimize the page speed as a part of seo services. It is also a ranking factor apart from a way to provide the users a seamless experience. You can consider the following tips to improve average page loading time-


  • You can start off by compressing all those heavy files which are creating a hindrance during loading. Do it not only for images but for HTML, JavaScript and CSS as well.


  • 301- Redirect takes a few seconds to process but it comes with perks. Multiply that over several pages or layers of redirects and you will have a positive impact on the loading speed.


  • You can use a content distribution network (CDN) which are distributed web servers that store copies of your website in various geographical locations and deliver your site on the basis of searcher’s location. Since the information between servers has a shorter distance to cover, your site loads faster for the requesting party.


  • It is very important to have a concise code. With the experience that we have when it comes to providing seo services, we can say that a messy code has a negative impact on the site speed. An efficient code is directly proportional to the speed of the page. Cleaner the code, easier it will be to load the website and vice versa therefore it is best to trim your code down.


  • Make it a rule to use updated plugins only and swear by it. Using out dated plugins can slow down your website significantly. It also gives the hackers a free pass to goof up your website which no one would want.


  • Try using asynchronous (async) loading. Scripts are directions that servers need to read before they can process the HTML or the body of your webpage, i.e. the things visitors want to see on your site. Typically, scripts are placed in the head of a website where they are prioritized over the content on the rest of the page. Using async code means the server can process the HTML and script simultaneously which will decrease the delay and hype up the page loading process.


Without technical seo, all other seo services will mean nothing as your website won't crawl up the search engine result page therefore it is very important to pay attention to it.


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