Importance of English in Scientific Studies

For centuries, scientists have discussed the need for a common international language and have sought different ways to achieve this.

 Artificial languages ​​such as Esperanto and Interlingua were created specifically for use in science, but they were too weak to fill this gap and could not be used. On the other hand, the English language has become an international common language, especially in the field of science. In this article, we will focus on the importance of English in scientific studies.

Multiplies By Sharing

The results obtained by scientists as a result of their studies will gain value as they share. The reliability of the work done by references by other scientists will also be revealed. Today, since the language of science is English, articles to be written in Turkish cannot go beyond the borders of Turkey. For this reason,

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it is a fact that its sharing will decrease and it cannot be cited because the subject cannot be understood by scientists outside of Turkey.

Impact factor ( impact factor )

Today, although the quality and reliability of the articles are not one hundred percent, they have been put into a system by the scientific community. Accordingly, the impact factor, which is a metric criterion, is used to evaluate scientific journals in certain fields. The value of a journal is now judged by the impact factor it receives. The impact factor is a measure that reflects the average number of citations for current articles published in science and social science journals. The only way for journals to increase their impact factors is to get as many citations as possible for the articles they publish. In other words, no matter how high-quality the journal publishes, if it does not reach other scientists, this is a problem. Because if there is no reference to their work, the impact factor will always be below.

This is one of the biggest dilemmas of Turkish magazines today. Since they cannot get enough citations, most Turkish journals have a very low impact factor and have a hard time getting into the indexes. It is known that one of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that the language is not English, which is a common language, as well as making quality broadcasts. Since the articles published in our journals are written in Turkish, the world cannot read them and the article cannot receive the number of citations it deserves. For this reason, the quality of both the article and the journals are far below the levels they deserve. The solution to this problem is to write articles in a language the world can understand first. Thus, it is to present the works to all humanity, which will be by using the English language. This is in the scientific studies we wrote to us. The importance of English It shows that we need to be more careful about it.

The more English the more references.

Each year, Thomson Reuters publishes impact factors for more than 7350 journals. Previous studies show that the impact factor is increased, but this rate depends on the language used by the journal. Notably, very few non-English journals are included in the citation report. Most importantly, non-English journals seem to have fewer impact factors than English-language journals. Scientific research has also been carried out on this subject, and we have reached this research because it was written in English. Accordingly,

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from 2001 to 2010, it was observed that the impact factors increased in both English-language and non-English-published journals. But when the impact factor was compared for each year, the situation was very different. It was determined that there was a significant increase in journals that published in English compared to those that did not publish in English (Figure 1). Again, according to Vinther, over the years, most of the non-English-language journals have switched to English. He reported that publishing in English will increase the number of citations, thus increasing the impact factor positively. However, he emphasized that scientific data could be disseminated to the wider masses.

Today, English is accepted as the common scientific language and researches are carried out on how this language can be used in science most efficiently. Academic use of the English language also requires specific training. Different studies are being carried out to improve scientists on this subject, and even a section of Science magazine contains compilations only on this subject.

Well, if our English is not enough, how should the solution be?

As the literature examples are given above, the quality of an article depends on the number of citations. The high level of citation is directly proportional to the fact that the language of the article is written in English, which is a common language that other scientists can understand. However, quality articles written in English can receive satisfactory citations. This will also increase the number of citations and therefore the impact factor of the journal in which it is published, and ensure that it has a prestigious place in the international arena. The highly cited scientific articles reflect the quality of that article and this quality contributes to the national economy by entering it on a patent basis. For this reason, it is of great importance that every scientific article made in Turkey is presented to the world in English.

If our English is not sufficient, we should either translate our article into English or have it edited by native English speakers or even doctors from your branch, by getting help to announce our scientific studies. Founded six years ago and professionalized during this time, We cannot pass without mentioning that the institution is a reliable and experienced organization in this regard. Because you can find hundreds of translation offices when you Google it. What makes the article translation team different from these offices is to send the scientific studies of Turkish scientists to journals with high impact factors as much as possible. While doing this, they work with American physicians who are experts in many branches. The fact that none of the articles they have translated or edited for fifteen years has returned from the referees, reflecting the quality of their work. 

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