School Parking

Every institution including school has parking that has its own rules that govern its operations. These parking places serve the employees and visitors of the institution

 In the school parking, various groups of people park their cars in designated places. They may be required either to pay for the service daily or monthly or they do not pay depending on the management policies. Apart from school buses and vans parked in the specific school parking lot, personal cars are parked by students, school employees, management and directors, and school visitors. The school is one of the frequent social places where people meet and get knowledge and share ideas for the development of society. Therefore, I believe school parking should be used as a source of revenue by charging a certain fee. This should be charged to everybody regardless of the category or position one represents in school.

Charging Fee in School Parking

The charging fee helps in building footpaths and bus shelters, and it is used in managing and maintaining the parking. Without this revenue, some parts like footpaths near the parking will be neglected making the place untidy and unkempt. The fee is used to make signs and markings within the parking to avoid confusion that may result in accidents. If some categories are exempted from paying the fee, it means that there is little revenue that will be collected and will not sufficiently support all activities in the parking. Payment can be deducted from employees’ salaries, or included in the school fee structure, or paid daily or monthly. Cards passes, and permits given to those who park will be collected when the period expires and renewed as soon as possible.

Every individual in society is expected to be responsible for all activities that take place in society and, in particular, in schools. Paying for the services not only implies that one is responsible, but also one does not depend on others for the services. Cars and buses occupy space which is limited in places like schools with many employees, students, and many visitors. There is an increase in demand for reliable and safe parking especially the ones found in schools. Due to the increasing demand with a fixed supply, one must pay for this service. One does not depend on the management to provide the parking for free, but the service is available for those that can pay.

The school parking is also prone to pollution from noise, smoke, fumes, and irresponsible littering within a park and along the footpaths. Therefore, paying will help in controlling pollution by planting and maintaining flower gardens and trees around the parking and picking the litter. These will not only make the parking clean and beautiful but also help in refreshing the environment. If there is no charging for parking cars and buses, then there will be environmental pollution and the school management may neglect the parking or may pay minimal attention to it. This would result in learning interference due to noise and air pollution. Air pollution will make the school environment full of dust, fumes, smoke that will lead to health problems like breathing disorders.

The school provides many social amenities that can be used by students, employees, and visitors without charging any fee. These include washrooms, parks, and shelters for relaxation and fields to carry out recreational activities. Not all students, employees, or visitors own cars, thus, paying for this parking service will help in dealing with many issues that come as a result of operating a school parking without laying a burden to the entire institution. In doing so, the school parking will be attractive and safe thereby attracting many people to park, thus, increasing the revenue collected. Managing and maintaining the parking will also be effective and efficient for the school.

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