Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fault Has Been Resolved by The Player

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One of the more common failures you can perform in "Animal Crossing": "New Horizons" is the trick of "climbing the fourth floor", as you might guess, it allows you to climb the fourth floor. Usually, players can only walk on three levels, use terrain deformation to make them, and use ladders, slopes, or steps to navigate them. Continue to learn more, or you can learn more related content at, at the same time, you can also Buy Bells Animal Crossing in our store, let you experience a relaxed game, enjoy better leisure, free more time for you.

The technique of reaching the banned fourth level has been around for a while, but the most popular method was recently patched in the 1.3 updates. However, it is not difficult for Nintendo to try to prevent players from standing up, because fans have discovered another method that is still valid at the time of writing.

People from animals crossing the world have detailed how to implement this new technique-you need some patience to achieve ultra-precise terrain modeling and some professionally timed buttons. As far as possible, completely decorate the entire fourth floor, which can help you better reduce losses, you can try on this basis, Nintendo will most likely patch this new method, forcing you to be unable to use any objects or plants placed there.

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