What Is Web Hosting And What Is It Needed For?

You can create a completely free blog if you want. But with the free options, Write my essay you can have a simple beginner blog that looks like a trial run.

Large computers connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to host your blog are called servers. Hosting is the name given to the hosting (hosting) service provided with these servers. Web hosting companies give you space (domain / domain) on these servers so that your blog can be accessed from anywhere in the world without interruption.

All your files, images and content are stored on the host computer and displayed to your visitors. If you don't have a host, you have no place to set up and save your blog; Write my essay You won't have a place for your domain to take users and others won't be able to see your blog.

Good hosting service and bad

Choosing the company that will host your blog is one of the most important steps in creating a blog. The problems people have with their blogs are often caused by bad web hosting services. For example, poor customer service and hidden charges are common. Many service providers that keep the price low charge additional fees for essential services that are not included in the initial fee but that you will need later. By over-exploiting their servers, they can cause your blog to become inoperable as you try to cut costs—because too many other users are visiting other sites on that server at the same time.

Poor quality servers have long response times. However, the analyzes show that, for example, if the opening time of a page exceeds 3 seconds, the visitors leave the site without waiting. That's why Google recommends a server response time of 2 seconds or less. Only a few of the cheap servers control their resources well, and your blog is thus consistently good.

It is important to read product descriptions carefully when choosing a web hosting service. In the meantime, you should consider a few things and stay away from surprise costs. There are points to consider for some hosting service providers:

  • If you exceed the monthly visitor traffic, they may charge you extra.
  • They may incur hidden costs when you want to move your domain name to another web hosting provider.
  • They can register the domain name on behalf of their company, not yours.
  • They may not be able to provide adequate technical support.

Your service provider must have a good technical support team. When you contact them, they should be able to give you the answers you need promptly. Therefore, first, examine the technical specifications of the service offered by different providers, and after eliminating the ones that are not suitable for you, Do my essay make a price comparison between the ones you find suitable.

Number one hosting Bluehost

For this site, I use the web hosting company Bluehost, which is recommended by the WordPress official site in the 1st place. I recommend you, and especially those who want to start a WordPress blog, the world's #1 web host, which currently hosts more than 2 million sites. I will explain why. If you don't want to have bad experiences with hosting and you want to have peace of mind without the hassle of hosting, I would say don't be surprised by Bluehost!

For those new to blogging, there are many advantages to using Bluehost. Some of those:

  • REFUND GUARANTEE—With a free, no-contract, 60-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel whenever you want.
  • Automatic WordPress INSTALLATION  —The automatic completion of WordPress installation provides great convenience to get started. You don't have to mess with the setup and you never have to mess around. (No other hosting is this easy and quick.)
  • PROMOTIONAL PRICE TO START—You start your purchase at a discounted introductory price for up to 36 months (I'll explain how you can take advantage of the discounted price all the time).
  • FREE DOMAIN NAME —Gives your domain name as a gift and all payments end in one item; it does not bring you surprise fees.
  • FREE CORPORATE EMAIL ACCOUNTS—  Provides 5 email accounts with your domain extension for free, even with the cheapest plan.
  • FREE SECURITY CERTIFICATE SSL—The SSL  Security Certificate allows a website to receive direct payments and ensures that your domain name appears as “HTTPS://”. Google now supports sites starting with “HTTPS://”. That's why having SSL on your site makes your site stand out in Google searches. You do not need to pay for SSL separately.
  • FREE SSD—SSD  is a great way to increase data storage and website performance. With SSD hosting, you can enjoy a faster server, better data security, Buy essay online and more reliable performance.


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