How to travel the world without money - Accommodation

The first big question for any traveler is, where is he going to sleep? , 

Pakistan tour packages but the truth is that this situation is the easiest to solve, foresee, and for which there are many viable options to travel without money.

In addition to the ones you are going to read, there are opportunities to get accommodation in exchange for working, either in hostels, farms, bars, etc., but all of these, with their respective links, are included at the end of the article in the section on how to earn. money while traveling.

  • Free accommodation.
    Several years ago one of the most popular projects the world of travel has seen emerged: Couchsurfing; In fact, I can say that it was thanks to this platform that I started in the world of travel in 2009.
    Couchsurfing allows you to request and offer accommodation for free to people around the world. Similar to other social networks, you have to create your profile as completely as you can so that the people who are going to host you know a little about you. To find accommodation it is necessary to know a little more about the person you are going to ask, read their profile, references, see their photos and if you are interested, then send a personalized message.
    The basis of this platform is cultural exchange, that is, people open the doors of their homes to meet you, some hosts may offer you a place to sleep but little else, others will take the trouble to take you to know the city and for others, you will become a member of the family.
    Regardless of the host who touches you, it is always good to be grateful. Although I hardly use Couchsurfing on my trips anymore, based on my past experiences, I can only speak good things about it, it could be said that thanks to all the people I met through that platform they made me the person I am today.
  • House Sitting.
    How about staying for free at a beach house in Bali, a cabin in the woods, an apartment in Bangkok, a farm in Italy for free? This is possible as long as you like animals.
    House sitting is a term that defined a series of services where people who want to travel but cannot leave the house alone for a long time, Murree Tour Packages since they do not have someone who can take care of their pets, can do so leaving a lucky traveler the responsibility of caring pets and stay to live in the house without paying a penny.
    So, if you like to travel and animals this is an ideal opportunity.
    The most popular and largest company is called TrustedHousesitters. The service is not free, you will have to pay an annual subscription of around 120USD (or according to its page about 1,990 Mexican pesos per year), however, it is a very low price compared to what you receive in return.
    Other smaller pages do not necessarily require taking care of animals although you will have more difficulty finding a house, these are:
  • If you want to read more about what it means to take care of someone else's pets or to do housesitting, you can read this article from the Travel Journalists blog about: Traveling the world without paying for accommodation
  • Home exchange.
    Similar to the previous option there is the possibility of exchanging houses. This idea became fashionable with the movie "The Holiday" or "The Rest", and it is a reality, the only difficulty that exists is that you must have a house to exchange. In case you have a house and you are in a city with great tourist demand then your chances of getting free accommodation in other parts of the world are very high.

  • To camp.
    There are thousands of travelers who camp on their trips, carry all the necessary equipment to spend one or several nights outdoors, and only pay a hostel from time to time to shower and personal hygiene.
    Although I love sleeping outdoors and under the stars, this is not my style of travel, but I have lived and met people who do and enjoy it even more than sleeping in hotels or hostels.
    The only thing you should keep in mind is that not all places are allowed to camp, some countries have specially designated areas and charge a minimum fee per night. In other countries, the same hostels rent the space per night and give you access to common areas, bathrooms, and kitchen.
    If you want to find some places to camp there is a page where people rent the garden of their house to receive travelers, the prices and services offered to rent the space in the garden vary entirely from the person who offers the space, it is called Camp in my garden
    If you decide to give camping a chance on your trips, I suggest you buy good equipment, it makes a difference. Based on the experience of other travelers, these are the recommendations on camping equipment:

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