Back to School 2021

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The yearly September back to school rush is often stressful for children and parents, but possibly never so much as in the upcoming 2021 autumn term.


Over the pandemic, the knock-on impact of school closures, burst bubbles and lack of continuity has created a climate of anxiety, affecting a substantial proportion of pupils.


Let’s look at the repercussions of this past year and how parents can help prepare their children to return to school with all-important confidence in their abilities – and the stability of the school environment.


Returning to Learning Post-Pandemic


As we approach the new term, it’s essential to be mindful of how learners may feel about their transition into the next year group or even a different school. Progression from primary to secondary is a significant adjustment and far more worrying for children who may not feel ready to move forward in their learning.


Given the lack of a cohesive response strategy across education, it is unlikely that all schools will have effectively addressed the consequences of closures. Many regions saw hundreds of thousands of students left reliant on home learning, often with repeated isolation periods.


Private tuition is a valuable resource available to support families in overcoming those challenges, particularly where schools were closed for a considerable number of months.


Assessing the Impact of School Closures


Every school has dealt with the pandemic differently, but we know that the effects of closures are sizeable. The 40% increase in longer-term home-schooling registrations demonstrates that many students have found school traumatic and challenging.


Self-isolation may have been a safety precaution, but impacts include:


  • Adverse effects on student mental health and self-esteem.
  • Associating learning with high-stress levels.
  • Loss of good relationships between teachers and their students.


Many of the parents we have spoken with over the last few months have described their child as anxious. This anxiety is widely due to the uncertainty of not knowing whether their bubble would burst from one day to the next.


This highly traumatic loss of consistency has led to unprecedented levels of school-associated stress or even school refusal. As educational professionals, we recognise how vital it is to support children in addressing these emotional repercussions as well as the practicalities of lost learning.


Hiring a Private Tutor to Overcome Learning Loss


Many parents feel left adrift, with serious concerns that their child has lost an entire year of school. Families may be approaching the autumn without any support to reaffirm their trust in the school environment and little or no help to address lost learning.


One-to-one tuition can overcome trauma and learning loss holistically. It is a powerful solution to rebuild these bridges, above and beyond the support available in the classroom. tutoring in brighton bring exceptional skills to the table, helping to identify gaps in learning and personalising their tuition content to the individual child’s needs.


This level of bespoke support ensures that pupils worried about falling behind or having missed essential aspects of the curriculum have the benefit of a professional, supportive private tutor hove by their side to equip them with knowledge and determination.


Alongside joined-up teaching, in line with relevant school topics, tutors provide:


  • A trusted, healing environment to give reassurance and ongoing support.
  • Quality learning to shore up learning gaps in the learner’s educational profile.
  • Healthy, positive relationships where students feel encouraged.
  • A safe space to discuss anxieties and rediscover the joy of learning.

Drawing a line under a tough year will be easier for some pupils than for others. Still, the vast majority will benefit from this level of individual support to reinforce their emotional connection with the school and their knowledge going into the new term.


One-to-One Tuition to Support Pupils with Learning Differences


Students with learning differences or a specific learning difficulty face a more significant challenge, and many have found it difficult (if not impossible) to engage with home learning. Appointing a tutor is the ideal way forward here!


The quality and consistency of home learning materials vary substantially between schools, as does the time and ability of parents to provide dedicated tuition support. With at least a third of the school year lost, students with holes in their understanding, or gaps in their skills, will benefit substantially from an experienced tutor.


The tuition structure is always individualised to the child and how they learn best, but the typical strategy starts in lesson one with assessing those gaps. From there, your child’s tutor will work with them closely, creating tailored lesson plans alongside assessments, engagement and support to steer them through the curriculum at their pace.


The Benefits of Personal Tuition


The advantages of 1:1 tuition are significant, and it would be impossible to replicate this model in whole classroom teaching. Learners who are struggling with the prospect of a new year or feel daunted about starting a different school group without feeling confident in their skills report multiple benefits from private tuition:


  • A calm, fun learning environment with zero disruptions or interruptions.
  • Truly personal learning, going over topics or concepts as little or as many times as needed.
  • Flexible learning to fit around your family schedule and preferred study times.
  • Support with every aspect of education, from exam practise to homework.
  • Interactive tuition where quality tutors can adjust their teaching style to suit the interests and personality of each learner.
  • Continual individual assessments to identify where the learner is making good progress and where more time is required to embed a thorough understanding.

Parents can select the right tutor for their child, whether they require specific skills in supporting learning differences or a subject speciality that will be the best fit. The tutor-parent relationship provides an ongoing framework of support, providing feedback and a way to engage with your child’s learning.


From improved confidence to enhanced understanding, personal attention and exciting learning materials, a private tutor is an exceptional resource. It equips every child with the skills and determination to make the new school year ahead a successful one – however difficult the year before may have been.


For further assistance with finding the highest qualified, and best quality tutors for students across the UK, hand-picked for academic excellence and inspirational teaching styles, contact the ETS team today.


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