Rocket League Tips for Beginners

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When taking up a game that is competitive in nature, it’s a good idea for beginners to look up some tips and tricks that will give them a better handle on some of the basic concepts. The idea behind Rocket League is quite simple — it’s a game of soccer (or football if you’re on the other side of the pond) with rocket powered vehicles. In Rocket League, you’ll quickly learn that the opponents you face are pretty unforgiving. Here are some tips and tricks that will de-mystify Rocket League for beginners.

Activate the ball cam

As soon as you start a match, the first thing you will want do is to activate the ball cam. By doing this you can keep tabs on the ball inside the arena. Now, in case you need to rush to the other side of the field to defend your goal, you can.

I have to caution you though; this view can take some getting used to—particularly if you normally view the action from behind your vehicle. Stick with it and you’ll have the best view when it comes to keeping track of the ball on the ground and in the air.

Mind you, there are other views available to you that you can use. However, the ball cam is a sure fire winner to get the job done.

Put a spin on it

If you’ve played a few games of Rocket League, then you’ll know that your car can jump simply by pressing a button. However, you may not realize that you can make your car double jump when you are in the air just by hitting the same button again.

Better yet, you can put a spin on your car just by pressing on the analog stick while you are hitting the jump button a second time. A spin can make all the difference in the world, it can give you the momentum you need to knock an incoming ball away from you.

Furthermore, timing plays an important role as well. Just by having a little boost you can hit that sweet spot and watch the ball go flying. You’ll want to practice this while your teammates are keeping an eye on the ball.

While it may not necessarily setup a score chance for you every time, it can clear the ball so that one of your teammates has the chance to score.

Use turbo wisely

In Rocket League your car’s default speed is ok to get you around the field and such. It also allows you to drive on the sides of walls in case you need to go vertical. However, to get the best shot on goal, you’ll need to use your vehicles turbo.

Simply by driving over the coloured markers on the field as they appear, your vehicle’s turbo will begin to build slowly. It’s best to let your turbo fill up all the way, that way you’ll have the boost you need when you are making a run for the goal.

A neat little trick I found is, when launching into a full boost with enough speed, you can take out your opponent with a demolition shot—this leaves your opponent’s team short-handed. Keep in mind though, when it comes to using boost—timing is everything.

Practice, practice

Many people just starting out in Rocket League make this common mistake. Don’t be in a rush to go online and play against others, unless you want to get your but whipped. Spend some time in the single-player mode.

You can play with bots in various team options, which range from full four versus four team play to one-on-one sessions. I highly recommend playing the one-on-one first, it will allow you to get the hang of how your vehicle controls.

Next, you can start to add new players into the mix and then work on your team dynamics. Focus on clearing the ball and setting up shots on goal either with or without turbo boost.

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