We should take an objective view of the leak of Kokomi, Genshin Impact's new therapist

The new therapist Kokomi has been a difficult week for Genshin Impact players who are looking forward to the next day.

The new therapist Kokomi has been a difficult week for Genshin Impact players who are looking forward to the next day. Since her passive talent to improve her healing ability by completely reducing her critical strike rate was leaked by leakers, she has been considered by many players to be the worst as a rare character in the game.

Regarding Kokomi's leak, everyone should look at this issue objectively. Because the information obtained by the leaker is not necessarily completely correct, as the Raiden showed us. Before she is officially released, we shouldn't draw final conclusions. Even if Kokomi cannot cause a lot of damage, for most players, he will not use the healer as his main source of damage.

In addition, adding a therapist to the team is Genshin Impact Account for sale very useful. Because there is only one competitive mode in Genshin Impact, which is the level that needs to be completed in the area of ??Spiral Abyss. There is a special effect called "corrosion" on the eleventh floor, which periodically reduces the health of the team. If this corrosion is used by the developer in future levels, then the player may need more than a therapist.

In addition, according to the leaker's intelligence, Kokomi can reduce his own swimming stamina consumption. As we all know, swimming is one of the most annoying mechanics in the game, because it may take a lot of time to reach an island. The appearance of this attribute of Kokomi may greatly reduce the painful experience of players.

In addition, Genshin Impact is an anime wife game. Kokomi is a mermaid, she has very beautiful animation effects, and the English dubbing is also great. Just like any Fate/Grand Order player communicated to us, the characters you really like are Buy Genshin Impact Accounts not necessarily at the top of the metadata, and nothing can prevent us from loving them.

Kokomi is a rare five-star character. It is not easy for players to get her, and it may take multiple draws to get it. However, players need to complete the tasks in the game to get a chance to draw, and this time is quite long. In MMOWTS, you can get it directly. Because Genshin Impact Accounts are sold there, there are various five-star characters and weapons you want, and it is very easy to get them.