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Applications and Advantages of Hot Air Through Non Wovens

Hot Air through bonding is a technique that is applied to Nonwovens. It has honor of providing high quality and high performance ability to the fabric. This Hot air technique is applied to the fabric by proving heated air to the surface through thermal bonding. Considering the growing awareness among people about hygiene and widespread of virus, hot air nonwovens are in great demand in this era. 

Process of applying Hot Air through Nonwoven

In the process of applying hot air through non wovens the binding agents that are used are crystalline binder fibers and powder. These binders melt and form molten droplets. These droplets are then passed through the cross-section of the nonwovens. The bonding of the fibers occurs when the material is cooled down.

Characteristics of Nonwovens after Hot Air Application

Hot Air process grants special features to the nonwoven fabric. This process is continuing strides towards giving other technologies a tough competition. It has several positive features that leads it ahead at many selling points. It accords excellent softness, drape ability, absorbency, strength to the nonwoven fabric. Moreover it makes the fiber bulky, open and breathable. 

Calendaring of the Material

After the Hot air through process the fabric is made to pass through another process called Calendaring. Calendaring is applied to the material in two ways.

  • Hot Air Calendaring
  • Cold Air Calendaring

Hot Air process of calendaring makes the fabric thinner while the cold air process of calendaring makes the material thicker. After the application of calendaring the fabric becomes more extendible and flexible.

Usage of Hot Air Bonded Non Wovens

Non Wovens manufactured using the Hot Air Process are used in various industries serving their purpose in many products. Like these Hot Air Non Woven Fabrics are used in industries manufacturing hygiene products such as diapers or sanitary napkins, Filtration materials, cleaning wipes, car carpet backing, face masks, dryer sheets and many other durable disposable products.

Having the Competitive Advantage

Besides being in highly competitive market and competing with many other possible processes that can be applied to improve the quality of Nonwoven. Hot Air through process leads the market. As in this process chemicals are not used this process is equally safe and reduces the after handling procedures and waste. It is very clean process. It does not involve any effluents or binders. It also improves the aesthetics of the material.

It has been well estimated and predicted that Air through bonded nonwovens will be potential area of growth in the Non Woven Industry in the coming future. 

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