RuneScape Latest Update Desperate Measures

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Jagex proclaimed RuneScape critical update content, the content revolves around the "Ancient Gods" storyline and has been going on for nearly 6 years. Dig deep into Gielinor's past and get rich rewards in the new epic mission "Desperate Countermeasures". always pays attention to the latest news of Runescape and brings the latest progress to players. You can also Buy RS Gold in our store, This is very convenient.

The measure of despair is the sequel to the era of despair last year. Although everything seems undoubtedly desperate in RuneScape, Jagex has confirmed that players do not need to feel desperate because the rewards include Thok's Stick (make-up weapon substitute), XP Lamps, and "Universe "Focus" makes it easier for players to find cultural relics effectively. There is also a brand new collector, looking for someone who can help further upgrade Cosmic Focus.

Although this update will be open to all RuneScape members, to participate in this event, you will need to have 50 levels of archaeology and agility, and have 75 battle statistics. Implementation results, Ryan Ward (Ryan Ward) explained the challenge and provoked the upcoming dungeon desperate measures" through its story points.

"Today's press conference heralds the next development of Anachronia and will challenge players to use the latest powerful archeology skills. The desperate measures have attracted all kinds of RuneScape players, whether it is a killer who wants to upgrade or who likes it. A star chaser who delves into the lore and understands the clues of the story.

This is the first major RuneScape content update created and released when our entire team is working from home during the pandemic. We are very happy to see RuneScape members discover the secrets of Dragonkin to gain the power and knowledge they need for the upcoming Elder God Wars Dungeon! "

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