Fishing Trip with my Family

My whole family like fishing as part of our hobbies.

My whole family like fishing as part of our hobbies. My father, James, loved fishing while growing up. It was my grandfather that gave him inspiration and reasons for it. It was in a place near a small river Yala. The river had several types of fish majorly consisting of tilapia. My mother Connie also comes from a background where fishing was practiced as a hobby. Fishing is really a part of our family life.

It was during the summer period that we travelled to the village to visit my grandparents from my father’s side. My siblings, Jamie and Angelica, were also present during the visit. We had taken a long time since we visited our father’s home. My grandparents were lovely people full of passion and affection. Parental love was boiling in their blood right from the time we had been brought to this world. James was fond of football while we were in town. As I was growing up, I never realized how my father would love to go fishing even though he had a well-paid job. Connie did not really like fishing initially despite coming from a background associated with it. As children of the house, we loved taking James for fishing.

It was on a chilly morning that we gathered our fishing tools to the river. My grandfather briefed us on the importance to have a license for fishing. He had a boat equipped with the refrigerators; he used this for long days fishing. Angelica grew up as a shy girl, small insects would scare her. She would shout if a person scared her with an insect or a tiny living organism. Our grandfather encouraged her on the need of confidentiality as a woman. He told her the need for the current generation to have a gender balance in the society. He emphasized on the need for the government to embrace a boy child education. In the current world, people talk of a girl child education more than a boy child education. He said, “I would like the future of the boy child education be given an equal opportunity as girl child education. It will lead to low crime rate, because the majority of the boys will be motivated to feel love and passion passed onto them same as the girl child.”

His message was really powerful to our family. Love is the key factor of life. Referring to the Bible, the Ten Commandments were summarized into two main commandments: love your neighbor as you love yourself, and love your God with all your heart, soul and mind. We should learn to love one another for a uniform and strong family. It was like a message of hope.

Connie and James led us to a site along the river where our grandfather loved smoking fish. We assembled in a circular manner. On the fire, there was a stick passing along the fish as we rotated it. He explained for us some of the reasons why people should go fishing. First, it is an economic opportunity. Large scale fishing contributes to addition of capital to the national growth. He gave us examples of countries whose economy depend on fishing like Japan. He told us about various types of vessels used for large scale fishing in these countries. As fishermen, they are required to obtain license from the state federation government to carry out such activities. Moreover, he explained that in such cases, fishermen who practice large scale fishing in large waters, such us oceans, face different challenges. In Indian Ocean along the Somalia gulf, fish catching is done in a large scale. They face terrorist attack, Somalia pirates’ attack ships demanding ransoms. In such cases, fishermen may lose their lives. Attacks by sea animals, such as sharks, is ramped in some of the oceanic areas. Sharks eat human flesh and if a boat capsizes the life of all fishermen would be lost.

In addition, he explained personal reasons why we should go fishing. Fishing assists in stress relief, it gives us a sense of discovery. Stress affects our personal lives. When we walk down the stream to carry out fishing, it creates a bond between a person and the environment. Grandfather gave as an example of sounds that come out when the water is passing through a number of rocks. The sound and scent the trees bring make you feel alive. The melody sounds of birds rekindle the heart. The birds were or different species and gave us the ability to learn about the ecosystem. Some of the feathers we took are kept for the day’s memory.

We also learned that fishing is a good meal for body weight management. When you go fishing, you learn to exercise as the levels of calories are reduced. Moreover, fish is a rich source of protein. James and I went to fetch for more fish as Connie and Angela were paying attention to the wise words of the grandpa. James assisted me to cast my hook into the water. To my surprise, I caught a larger fish than he did. He told me how lucky I was but challenged him to remember that fishing flows into our blood. Jamie joined our company. I assisted him to use his hook as James watched. We had the opportunity to be close to our father, we had never shared quality time together. I had the opportunity to explain to James why I would like him to assist me in some of the challenges I face in college. In the past, James had talked to us recording the relationship issues, but that time it was more educative. James told us the benefits of having a trustworthy relationship full of respect without wasting one another time. The basic need for a relationship is to have trust for one another; love will be based on the degree of openness to one another, as James advices.

Connie and Angela were motivated on how important a female is in the sustainability of the family. They learned that even though we live in a balanced error, a man will always be loved by a woman when she cooks for the family. They got the opportunity to bond together in a mother-daughter relationship.

In the site, we met another family members comprising of a son and a father. They knew our grandfather, they were close family friends. Jimmy and his father seemed so close; they were enjoying the river site. We learned how to appreciate our friends and people we meet during our lives. Grandpa advises on the need for forgiveness, e.g. if a person does a wrong thing, we should forgive the person. In case when we are doing wrong to the other person, then we should ask for forgiveness. He said that if we carry negative thoughts about what we did or what was done to us, our hearts will always feel unhappy. Once we carry out forgiveness to one another, the heart feels peaceful.

As the days end, we were given an opportunity to express our forgiveness to one another within the family. Self-esteem and confidence was the main key factors in life, grandpa emphasizes the need for his grandchildren to accept the challenges they are faced with. We were told that everything is possible and we should not be afraid to exercise our feelings. The dreams we have for the future are achieved by complete trust in ourselves.

Fishing supports wildlife and aquatic animals. From the distance, we noticed a bear eating fish. It stood at a strategic position – it caught the fish that was trying to jump in the water. It was a nice experience as I got the chance to see a real bear at a close range. We collected some precious stones along the river, and we used to make ornaments placed around the table as a decoration. Moreover, it creates a pictorial view of the best time we had together as a family. There were monkeys with the forehead striped black and white creating a good color mixer. The monkeys were jumping from one tree to another while timing the fruits we were giving to them.

In conclusion, fishing forms the basis of self-discovery. It is the backbone for a family union or building up a strong family bond among the members. It creates a homogeneous environment for improvement child-parent relationship. Self-realization is maximized in this environment and helps us to eliminate stress. I enjoyed fishing with my family members and I look forward to another chance.

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