Adding and Citing Primary Source Images in Chicago Style – 2021 Guide

Adding and Citing Primary Source Images in Chicago Style – 2021 Guide

As we know, Chicago style citation of Dissertation Writers sources used in the essay or paper comes in two (2) varieties that are;

  1. Notes and Bibliography
  2. Author-date

Basically, the notes and bibliography system is used as well as suggested by a large number of scholars. Using it hugely suggested to students who study humanities such as history, literature, and arts, etc. In this particular system, sources used in the work are paper writing services cited in endnotes or numbered footnotes. On the other hand, the author-date system could be witnessed more common in the fields of study like social science and sciences. In the author-date system, the used sources are briefly cited in the content or text using the last name of the author(s) and publication year.

It is true that students are assigned more than just a few essays to write. In other words, students are actively engaged in writing essays during their stay at the college or university. It means that they need to command “how to reference or cite sources, used in the work”.

Comparatively, APA and MLA formats are more commonly used compared to others (i.e., AMA and Chicago style, etc.) Some students take it (Chicago style) as the one they are not used-to. And that is why they sometimes think that Chicago is difficult.

However, this is not the reality especially when it comes to thesis writing help citing images. Still, if you are unsure, then proceed to go after the following guidelines.

Adding and Citing Primary Source Images in Chicago Style

  1. Citing an original image or photograph

Keep in mind, not all images or photographs are cited in a similar way in Chicago style. Rather, you must learn “how to add an image (original or in print) as per guidelines?” In short, to add and cite an original image or photograph in Chicago style, the plaque must be located next to the particular paragraph. It is because it provides the most information about the image or photograph.

  1. Citing an image or photograph in Print

As mentioned above, adding and citing different types of images are cited in different ways, according to the Chicago Manual of Style. When adding and citing an image in Print or printed image, make sure that the title page and following pages after the cover page must have write my thesis the publication details or information.

Moreover, never forget to put book title, details of the author(s), and details of the photographer if you are supposed to cite an image of a book.

  1. Citing an image or photograph from or using Website

Again, you do not have to go after the above guidelines if you are planning to add or cite an image or photograph from or via a website. In short, always make sure to write the last and first name of the photographer (for example, Michael, John) and directly put the title of the image/photograph after that.

Keep in mind, you will need to add “date accessed” only if there is no publication date, you see in the write essay for me image you are citing. You may not need to add it if the image or photograph contains the date of publication.

In some cases, I have witnessed some students who hire professional writers for their assignment if they cannot complete perfectly themselves. So, you can also hire a professional essay writing service if you think you would not compose your paper with perfection. Do so because writing service providers will not only write your paper. But they cite sources as per instructions, too.

In short, adding and citing source images in Chicago style is not essay writer service challenging, if you gain the key insights. 

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