Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Island you should know

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The latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update enables you to dream and visit other dream islands via an internet connection and dream address. If you log in after the update, you will notice that you have already got Luna’s bed, which is a cute little single bed that can take you into a dream (actually, any bed can do this, so please don't worry if it doesn't fit your decoration). You can also choose a better decoration or a more special bed, but you may need to prepare a lot of materials. ACBellsBuy can help you solve all the difficulties you encounter. Buy Animal Crossing Bells is very simple and fast, and you can easily get all you need.

To travel to another animal to cross the island of new horizons while dreaming, you need to follow some steps. The method of dreaming is as follows:

Lying in bed
Select the "Yes, I want to sleep" option
After Luna chatted for a while, she chose "I want to dream"
Connect to the Internet and enter the Dream address code

You can also choose to upload islands by selecting "I want to share dreams".

If you go to someone else’s "Dream Address", you will not be able to take anything with you or leave with you. You also cannot go to Neverland randomly-you need a specific address.

Great place in Neverland
Fyre Neverland
New Hairuul Dream Island
Fairy Neverland
Lunaria Dream Island
Kakarico Dream Island
Odyssey Halloween Dream Island
The bustling city dream island
Nowhere dream island
Aeaea, the Greek Island of Dreams

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