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Warehousing and storage services is an additional administration provided by the packers and movers in India to help people in storing their goods in a safe place until they have finally moved into their new home. Such companies normally charge extra money for such service from their customers. You can keep your household or other goods in these storage units for as long as you want.

Situations to Use Warehousing Facilities of Moving Companies

There are numerous situations in which you can use the warehousing and storage facilities of the packers and movers to keep your goods for some time:

When you are moving out of your state or country temporarily for some months.

When you are shifting to another city for some time on a work assignment.

When you have less space in your home to keep your household goods.

When you are renovating your house and want to keep your household items safe at some place.

When the term of rent agreement has expired and you are still searching for a home.

When you are moving to a new city and don't want to carry all the household stuff with you.

When you are waiting to get possession of your new house.

Benefits of Using Warehouses Storage Facilities of Packers and Movers

The packers and movers services of warehousing and storage offer multiple benefits to the people that want to keep their goods in a safe and perfect condition.

Benefits of Using Warehouses Storage

Safety of goods: Packers and movers or warehousing and storage companies ensure to carefully pack your goods and safely move them to the warehousing facilities. They use best quality packing materials like bubble wraps, corrugated sheets, carton boxes, etc. to pack the household goods of their customers to protect them from damages, dust and other environmental factors like rain and storms. Furthermore, the storage units of the moving companies are secured under CCTV surveillance and have proper security arrangements.

Insurance protection: Most of the moving companies in India offer the facility of goods insurance to their customers who are interested in keeping their goods in the warehouses. The service of warehousing of packers and movers comes with the insurance coverage. This coverage saves them from any kind of financial losses or damages to their valuables that may occur while their goods are in the storage facilities.

Protection from pests: Warehouses and storage units of the movers and packers are protected from pests. So, there are lesser chances that your goods will be harmed by rats or termites. Such companies conduct pest control from time to time to ensure that the valuables of their customers are not destroyed by pests.

Affordable: Availing the services of warehousing and storage of the logistics companies is much cheaper and affordable than renting a house to keep your goods for some time. Moreover, you can also keep your belongings as long as you want in the warehouses at reasonable costs.

Short as well as long term availability: Warehousing and storage facilities of packers and movers in India are available for both short and long time periods. You can keep your goods in these storage spaces of the moving companies for weeks to a few years.

Easy accessibility to goods: Another advantage of opting for the warehousing services of moving companies for your household or business relocation is that you can visit the warehouse anytime to check on them until your goods are stored there.

Less hassling: Warehousing turns out to be less hassling as it is managed by a team of experienced professionals of the company. The company conducts a survey at the place of their customers to take the inventory of the items to be packed, moved and stored from there to the warehouse.

Types of Warehousing Storage Facilities

Companies offering the services of warehousing and storage to the people to help them store their goods have different types of storage facilities depending on:

  1. Industrial Goods Storage Facility

As industrial goods are extended and larger in size as compared to household goods, a special storage facility meant to keep or store the industrial goods is required by the businesses. Packers and movers offering the services of commercial relocation have industrial goods storage facilities in their warehouses with larger storage spaces and containers to keep such goods in a safe condition for as long as you want.

  1. Household Goods Storage Facility

Warehousing companies in India have specialized storage units to keep household goods of their customers in a perfect condition. They efficiently pack such goods with best quality packing materials and safely move them to their household goods storage facilities where they are kept under strict surveillance of the company. Such facilities also help you store your vehicle for the time being.

Services of Warehousing Storage Companies

Warehousing and storage companies work on the aim of keeping the belongings of their customers protected in their units or facilities and offer them a safe warehousing experience at affordable prices. Such companies provide a wide range of services to their clients like:

Services of Warehousing Storage Companies

  1. Warehousing Space on Demand

Professional and reliable packers and movers provide the facility of warehouse and storage spaces on demand to their customers for both short-term and long-term to keep your residential or commercial items.

  1. Proper Packaging Labeling

Packers and movers offering warehousing services provides safe packing of your household goods such as furniture, delicate items, electronic appliances, and other goods with quality packing materials such as bubble wraps, corrugated sheets, carton boxes, etc. before warehousing them. They also label all the boxes to avoid misplacement of items.

  1. Moving Organizing of Machinery

Our moving companies are professionally well-equipped to pack, move, load, unload and warehouse commercial machinery and equipments with zero damages. The goods of the customers are arranged in the warehouse in an organized way as per their requirements.

  1. Start-to-End Moving Services

Our moving companies provide start-to-end moving solutions to the people. They pack, load, and move your home items or commercial goods from your location to the warehouse and also deliver them from the storage facility to the required place within the estimated time. They have specialized moving vehicles to transport your items in a safe manner anywhere in India.

  1. Inventory Tracking System

Warehousing companies maintain proper inventory of your goods lying with them. You can track the current status of your commercial or household goods using their tracking system provided to you them. This makes sure you are regularly updated with the status of goods and ensure full safety and movement of your goods.

  1. Insurance of Warehoused Goods

When someone decides to keep their household or business goods in the warehouses of their moving companies, there is also a slight feeling of fear in their minds related to the misplacement or damage of their goods. So, to maintain and ensure complete safety and security of the shipment of their clients, they offer goods insurance services on your stored goods. This will take away all your stress as you would not be facing any financial losses and even if something happens, you can claim the amount loss directly from the company.

  1. 24*7 CCTV Surveillance

Warehouses and storage units of moving companies have 24/7 security arrangements such as security guards and installed cameras to ensure full safety of the goods of their customers. They professional, trusted, experienced and trained manpower that resolve your queries round the clock.

Procedure of Warehousing Storing Goods

Packing and moving in noida companies in India provide complete logistics solutions to their clients. Right from the packaging of goods to finally transport them to the warehouses for storage, they take complete care of every level of shifting. To understand the process of warehousing in detail, let's read here:

Procedure of Warehousing Storing Goods

The moving companies decide a date of a pre-move survey to take inventory of your items to be moved and stored.

Once they get the details about things to be moved and warehoused, they get an idea about the quantity of packing materials required to pack the goods of their customers for safe packaging and storing. This also helps them to know about the amount of space required to keep such goods in the warehouse.

After the pre-move survey by the movers and packers, they provide the detailed cost quotation that is inclusive of the packing, loading, moving, unloading and warehousing cost.

Once you agree to the cost quotation provided by them, they will visit you on the moving day with packing materials and moving equipments to pack and move your goods and move them to the warehouse for storage.

The cost of warehousing includes other costs such as –

Costs of packing;

Cost of loading and unloading;

Total transportation costs

Monthly/weekly cost for warehousing;

When you are planning to get your goods warehoused with movers and packers for a short or long term, ask for detailed quotations from various warehousing and storage companies. After good comparison of their costs, reviews and service, you should choose a company.


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