Looking back at old Maddens and I miss having these men

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I commented on another post saying the identical thing. Webster and Mut 21 coins lambert should forever in ultimate team. As for ham he deserves it wouldn't rely on him coming back into UT. I believe lambert and webster could return. As he's been a captain the last 2 years Contemplating I shaizer will not be in next years game. Let's only hope ea somehow decides to create all motif teams usable for UT. Not only a few. Unfortunately each year has only gotten worse in terms of content released thats only my opinion.

Yea I feel as if we missed many legends, dick butkus, John Hannah, Bob lily, Roger stabuch, bronco nagurski, jonh Mackey, LaDainian Tomlinson, junior Seau. Merely to name a few. I wouldn't be surprised if Webster was never in a game. He is the poster child of football and their CTE conversation, and his household didn't get anything from the settlement. Wouldn't be surprised when they never provide his rights to be associated with the NFL to the extent possible.

I forgot about the NFL vs his household thing thay was moving om. I have high hopes for Lambert year although Fantastic point there from that point I will definitely see him not in UT again. Idk I love shaizer and desire him in next year somehow but dont see exactly what card he'd get considering he has been a master and a captain already. So I simply hope they kinda scrap shazier and bring lambert in Madden 21. I beleive bush will end up a good LB in the NFL so I will see him getting great cards season like last year kind of.

I do hope we get more theme team players from each generation in years UT. Im a core steelers fan and we missed still quite a few big names in Harrison and Bettis. Other notables who need to possess cards are woodley ike Taylor Ryan Clark Lawrence Timmons a casey Hampton card would be just amazing however we get Mean joe every season and thus don't really need him. But I could go on and on with titles from our steelers and others which deserve to be in UT. But ea is idle.

I concur, Brave Magic strong that is crazy is something that the series has held back on asides from Dire Thunder along with a enemy thats the most powerful enemy in Madden 21. Then nothing until Awakening where the things are even accessible in match outside spotpass and rng falls for Celica's Gale and another dark variation iirc. Fates braves had a weird having effect, but lightning has 1 may however merely reduces magical ability by 2 allowing it to be used with the least downsides in Fates. Therefore it was generally a strong option in a couple of conditions but Madden 21 had enough stat stacking so doubling or even one shots were possible so buy Madden 21 coins was not needed.

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