Steps to Perform AT&T Router Access & Settings!!

In this guide, you will get the details about how to perform an AT&T router login and change the AT&T router settings so that security doesn’t get hampered.

With the fastest speed on the market today, ATT offers home and office internet services. While signing up, they provide an ATT router suited as per your requirement. For a convenient installation process, the company provides a self-installation option that states that you can set ATT router and connect to the internet in less than an hour.

In this guide, you will get the details about how to perform an ATT router login and change the ATT router settings so that security doesn’t get hampered.

How to Access ATT Router?

In this section, you will know about the steps to access ATT router smoothly:

  1. Open Box and Setup Hardware

Your ATT router will arrive in a box, and it includes everything that needs to set up services at home. Check out the instructions included in the package to smoothly install the hardware. It is also known as the gateway device; the ATT router comprises colored ports that match according to included cords to make it easier to see where the cables need to go.

  1. Turn on ATT Router

It will take about 10 minutes to power up properly. When the light turns on and gets stable at the solid green, you can proceed with the login process. 

  1. Connect Router to Computer or Mobile Device

To connect the wireless mobile device to the internet, you should use the default wireless network name and password listed on the black sticker given on the side of the router. From the device settings, open the Wi-Fi settings menu and find the connection that matches the default wireless network name on the router in the list of available networks.

  1. Open Web Browser

Open a web browser from your computer or mobile devices like Google Chrome or Safari.

  1. Enter ATT Router Default IP Address

After this, enter the ATT router default IP address on the address bar and press enter. The default IP address is given on the side of the router. For ATT routers, the default IP address is or

  1. Enter Default Username and Password

With this, the ATT router main menu will appear, and the ATT router will not ask for the default username and password to log into the device. The login username is admin, and the login password is attadmin or leaves blank. If you receive an ATT router access code prompt and the credentials don’t work, you need to reset the device.

Check out the steps mentioned above to smoothly access the ATT router without facing any issues. 

How to Reset ATT Router Settings?

  1. First of all, find the ATT router reset button on the modem, which is placed beside the power port.
  2. The next step is to find a pointy end and press on the button. Press the button for 15 seconds and release it. When you release the button before the lapse of 15 seconds, it will reboot the modem, but it won’t reset.
  3. Wait until the router will restart and all the lights are on, you can have ATT router access.

Summing Up

In this guide, we have discussed how to access ATT u verse routerCheck out the guide and get the details. If you have any other queries about how to perform ATT router port forwarding steps, then check out the user manual to get the details.

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