Which are the best brands of American Car Companies?

There are many other car brands also in the United States of America such as Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Tesla, Cadillac, GMC, Ram, Dodge, Jeep, Lincoln, as well as the Chrysler car company.

There are actually so many brands that are famous and considered to be the world class. However, according to the latest stats, as of the year 2019, Ford Motor Company is considered to be the largest and biggest among all the other American Car Companies.

There are so many brand names of the American Car Companies as per their segmentation in the market. Have a look at them and choose the best car for you according to your choice.

Here are some of the mass or major market brands of American Car Companies:

  1. Ford motor company, which has been working since the year 1903.
  2. Chevrolet car company, active since 1911.
  3. Jeep sport utility vehicles, which have been active since 1941.
  4. G.M.C. pickup trucks, active since 1911.
  5. Buick . This has been in the existence since 1903. 
  6. Dodge. It is a performance based car brand in the United States of america. 
  7. R.A.M. This is a pickup truck based automobile brand. 

Here are some of the luxury market brands or segment of American Car Companies:

  1. Cadillac. It is one of the luxury brands in America.
  2. Lincoln. Active since 1917.
  3. Chrysler. This is also a famous brand in the luxury vehicle segment, which has been working since 1925. 

Here are some of the electric car market brands of American Car Companies:

  1. Tesla. It is the most famous as well as a brand name worth for your precious money.
  2. Karma. The name of this brand is taken from a hindi language word karma, which means the future results or reactions of your current actions.
  3. Lucid is another famous electric car brand.
  4. Faraday future is active since the year 2014 to present.
  5. Brammo. Another famous name in the electric car segment. 
  6. Draco motors is also a very famous brand name for the electric cars in the America.
  7. Work horse is also an electric car brand.
  8. Lordstown has been in the existence since 2018. It provides the best and quality electric cars to the people around the world. 
  9. Nikola is also one of the famous electric car brands.
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