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Vilafinil 200, better known by the name Adipex (Zoloft), is a drug that is generally used to treat depression and sexual dysfunction in both males and females. Vilafinil is generally prescribed to men and women in their 30's who are experiencing diminishing sexual desire and experience increased and uncontrollable erections that are not capable of achieving orgasm. In case you're wondering if there might be some dangerous side effects associated with Vilafinil, fear not. Vilafinil is a drug that is generally well tolerated by most people and does not cause any harmful side effects or allergic reactions. However, there are certain precautions warning that one must take into consideration before using Vilafinil. The possible side effects of Vilafinil are listed below.

Males with thyroid problems should not take Vilafinil. Thyroid problems can result in adverse side effects such as nausea, fatigue, weight gain and diarrhea. The possible reason for this is that adderall, the primary ingredient of Vilafinil, affects a person's ability to metabolize adderall. People with thyroid problems should therefore not use the drug unless the doctor advises them to do so.


 Use of other drugs (intravenous anti-depressants or sedatives) should be avoided when using Vilafinil. These drugs, such as alprazolam, are known to depress the brain chemicals responsible for alertness and sleepiness. These drugs can also affect the body's capability to receive the antidepressant medication alprazolam. Other drugs that are contraindicated include those that contain hydrocodone, hydromorphone, opiates, and alcohol.

Another way to avoid these potential side effects is to take the drug as a generic form. Generic forms of vilafinil are manufactured by combining the active ingredients of the original drug with other ingredients. These ingredients include lecithin oil and stearic acid. It is important to note that although generic versions of vilafinil may be free of known side effects, the consumer must still consult his or her pharmacist regarding the safety of these drugs.

It should be noted that there are some differences between the generic forms of vilafinil and the brand-name version. For example, while the generic form of the drug may feature the same active ingredients as the brand-name version, the generic forms usually lack the added ingredients that the brand name version boasts. Another difference is that in both the forms of vilafinil, the tablet has a reduced tablet size.

Although Vilafinil is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use concomitantly with prescription drugs, it can still be dangerous when taken without a doctor's supervision. The ideal situation would be for an adult with a well-controlled cardiovascular system to take these drugs adhering to the instructions. However, people who have cardiopathy, congestive heart failure, uncontrolled hypertension, or undergoing certain medical treatments such as bariatric surgery, should first seek professional help before taking any new drugs. If you suspect that you are sensitive to the ingredients of these drugs, contact your physician immediately.

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