I paid him a substantial profit on a pile of trash logs

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I was the victim of an exchange of items exchange...I was at very low levels and was still at 50cmb. I wanted firemaking training and was buying large quantities of yews for RuneScape Gold players with gp I had earned by fishing lobsters and selling it to other players (there wasn't a Grand Exchange).

I was thinking of buying around 20k Yew wood logs. The logs were shown to him in trade, and i put the money up.The trade was cancelled after which I was traded again. He replied with something along the lines "sorry for this" and immediately offered 20k willowlogs for trade.

I paid him a substantial profit on a pile of trash logs. Logs that I had used to teach firemaking still existed, but at much slower rates. It was a devastating loss to an F2P scaper who was fairly new.

I viewed this as a lesson and from that day i am always double checking, sometimes triple. Luckily, the Grand Exchange has solved a lot of that problem except for when you reach the limit for purchases, however i am a patient person and will wait a few days for things to buy in the GE for the total I need.

Learn and grow. You learn and live.I played a lot, while standing at Buy OSRS Fire Cape GE bank. I finally informed him that i was aware the ruse. He proceeded to log off.His name was lvi SmiIe.

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