I've always been a bit of a coward in this regard

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Can the vote to change the combat system be successful in RuneScape Gold solving the issue? We're not sure, but we are sceptical. We've already mentioned that nostalgia is a major factor in peoples' decisions. They want the old calculation to be utilized over and over again, not a completely new one.

Even if players had voted yes to a change, we would not have that much influence on what is changed and what does not. This is a way to take power away from the players. This is not something I mind. This is for us to be here.

I've always been a bit of a coward in this regard. When I first started playing it was many years ago back in school, and I was playing with a small group of my friends, so naturally everyone knew I played. After a few years however it was just me and a remaining "hardcore" group of friends who continued to play and then eventually they stopped playing. I carried on alone and without telling anyone about it and I'm not afraid to confess it for fear of ridicule.

It was also when we began becoming friends with girls, and I'm sure that influenced a number of my classmates to quit. Sal's was where I first discovered myself and I decided to join to keep a social aspect.

A former flatmate of mine got me into WoW and I've been playing in Buy RS 3 Gold and off for a few decades now since quitting RS. Like my secret RS days, it's not something I've ever shared with my buddies. They're not terrible people (despite how I'm making them sounds ) and they wouldn't be averse to me, but there would definitely be a lot of jokes made.

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