Are You Ready to Transform Your Table Tennis Play?

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Ping pong has been a trending sport this year, possibly given additional momentum by last year's coronavirus stay-at-home orders. More than a few people ordered tables to play during the extra hours around the house. If you've enjoyed the sport more, buying a better table tennis paddle could be a good next move. Coaches and advanced players alike have said it's not hard to find some excellent rackets in the mid-price range when you know what you're doing – there's no need to overspend. But before you dive in, do some research about which racket models are well suited to your playing style.

Once you have your new racket in hand, it'll be time to check yourself on some of the other fundamentals of the game, one of which is scoring. If you've been scoring your ping pong games the old way to 21 points, it's time to update to the current regulation 11-point games. The serves rotate back and forth, two per player. As you get proper scoring under your belt, then it's time to begin playing against more competitive opponents. The nearest table tennis center is an excellent place to find them if you have one in your community. Becoming a member is an excellent idea if you love playing the sport.

If you enjoy playing at home, investigating the purchase of a table might be something to consider. Butterfly models fold up and can be moved on wheels to an out-of-the-way spot when not in use. Table tennis tables are large and take up space, so it needs to be considered before you order one. Shopping at a specialty retailer to get advice and try out the options will help you make a more informed decision. Given the size and weight, tables are nearly always delivered no matter where you buy. Just as there are with rackets, good values exist for tables in the mid-price range.

Hiring a coach is an option for advanced beginner and intermediate players who become very interested in the sport. Coaches observe your play and help work on the skills where you need to improve the most. They can also add training drills that isolate specific skills and help you improve more quickly. Also, some skills are hard to develop only by playing practice matches. Once you start training and separating them, you'll see the difference it makes. You'll enjoy the game when you play better and understand more. There's a great feeling of pride when you win against a skilled opponent.