Skillcapes give players unusual motivation to achieve 99

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The overabundance of OSRS gold high level players in games that aren't always designed for them forces mid level players to get better at the game or not be able to do that content. God Wars Dungeon is a excellent example. The four bosses from the beginning were not made for 138s who can run through hundreds of kills. However, if you aren't an 138, there's no way to win.

Skillcapes give players unusual motivation to achieve 99. Every 99 skill has an actual benefit. This is even though there's not much to do between the mid-high level and the max level. This ensures that players will not give up on acquiring that skill even though the xp may be terrible.

Players yell whenever an ability is reduced or eliminated out of the game. Zezima was not the only one to express his displeasure at the difficulties of buy RuneScape gold playing with younger players. He felt it devalued his acheivement. I'd like to see a discussion about the best way to solve this issue without destroying the game. It is possible to come up with an answer. It's not that difficult I believe. Here are my ideas.

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