EA Job Listing suggests Madden Could Soon Be Coming To Switch

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Every year's Mut 22 coins cover provides an excellent opportunity to give some of the top football players more exposure. In recent years , all-star athletes such as Terrell Owens, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have been featured on the covers of the annual editions of the series. Derrick Henry is one of the NFL's greatest running backs and, even though his appearance on the front cover of Madden NFL 22 is not confirmed it would be an certainly a great choice.

Madden NFL was once a regular feature on Nintendo platforms. However, it's been more than a decade now since Madden NFL 13 on Wii U. EA previously stated they would not be the game being released on the Switch in the year 2018. But the latest job announcement revealed that Madden could finally be coming to Switch.

Doctre81 on YouTube found the job description "Online Software Engineer (C++ - Madden" back in November of 2020. In the job requirements one of the sections asks for 2 years of working experience with "Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo game consoles". While it might not sound like much, previous EA job listings didn't include Nintendo in their selection criteria.

EA might be looking into a possible release. Take note that EA has previously said that it would launch seven Switch games during the 12-month duration in June 2020. June 2022 is just few months away, however, we've confirmed six games in the past few months with the most recent being Apex Legends this week.

Another thing to buy Madden 22 coins consider, but Madden's annual release calendar means that EA could be waiting until Madden NFL 22. This is in contrast to a Madden NFL 22 port, which is usually released in August. Let's hope it's not another legacy edition.

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