3 Madden 21 overall rating is too high

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Madden NFL 21’s player statistics are based on the skills of real football players. However, these statistics in the game are not necessarily accurate.

EA’s “Madden” annual sub-issue has again received some dubious ratings. Although not every score can be perfect, but because Madden scientists are also human, most overall scores should be at least within one or two percentage points that should be achieved. With nearly 1,700 players, there will inevitably be some bad ratings. The scores on the field may make people have some questions, but the scores in the game madden 21 are based on aim judgments, which are more convincing. Madden 21 Coins can help you improve your score.

Madden may sometimes give them generously, giving them high ratings for players who have been good in history but lacked in the past season. They may also be cruel and give low scores to some top players in the league. Below are three examples of Madden 21’s overall scores being too high.

Rob Gronkowski retired with Tom Brady and won. Although the initial score of Gronk may be higher, even reaching 95 points, even 92 points are a bit too much.

92 points make him the third-highest shooting guard in the league after George Kittle and Travis Kelce. He was far beyond his peak state and returned a year later. It would be unreasonable for him to surpass players like Darren Waller or Zach Etz.

Are they thinking about this? Amari Cooper’s 93 points allowed him to surpass Devante Parker, Chris Godwin, Keenan Allen and Stephen Diggs (Cooper should surpass Stephon Diggs). None of these people. This level puts him sixth among a wide range of recipients.

Yes, this guy is very talented, but in his position, he is far from sixth in the league. The highest Madden rating in the 1980s would be more suitable for this wide receiver. His 2019 game proved that he was too easy to be rejected by a talented defense, less than 20 yards in three games.

In the 2018 season, Von Miller forced to fumble 5 times and recovered 3 times. He packed 14.5 sacks and scored 97 points in Madden 20. In the 2019 season, he forced 0 fumbles, recovered zero and had 8 sacks. He made another 97. The sharp drop in statistics should make the rating drop much more than no drop.

Super Bowl L MVP Miller (Miller) has now far surpassed his peak period. Among guards such as Kyle Van Noy, Fred Warner and Darius Leonard, the top 80 ranks higher . Instead, EA mistakenly knocked him down with Chandler Jones, who was the leading 19 sacks in the league, and tied TJ Watt to the front with eight forced errors. Be ahead of other members of the alliance.

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