How to motivate your Sales Team

A leader is the one who guides the team and builds the team to meet success. Leaders should not only show the members what is need to be done but rather showing how it should be done.

When you are leading a group of people, either big or small, you should take into consideration that you also started the same as where they currently.

Through hard work and efforts, you can reach this moment where you can share your thoughts and ideas with others to help them create their journey of success.

Remember that a true leader is not only about giving commands but knowing how to support the team throughout the process. The purpose of this is to create a team that can also lead other people soon and pursues your character being responsible, independent, and dependable at the same time.

Michael Jordan once said, "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." -- Based on his experience, it is not easy to succeed, you have to try and try, no matter how many times you fail, you have to keep on trying until you reach your goal. That is the mindset that one person should have especially when you are leading a team. Pushing them at their best and motivating them continuously, saying that things are possible when they put their mind to it and not losing hope to keep going.

To push your team to give their 100% in everything they do, here are the following encouragement that will help them bring out the best version of themselves.

Trust and Coordination

It is fundamental for a team to build a strong foundation of trust. No matter how difficult, if you are having trouble with your teammate, with your assigned task, it is better if each of the people is easy to communicate with and willing to give a helping hand. Still, at the same time, you should not be a member who is always on the lookout for help. There is a certain job that has to be done independently, and some that can be worked out together like marketing or sales jobs in dubai

The process on every project is always a cycle, even if you are first in the line, the ball may be still passed on you along the way. And leading a team is a big role; you have to keep it fair and transparent to all the members. Not giving to much or more than what each of everyone in the group should attain.

Reports and Management

People have different perspectives and opinions. Make sure to clear who should report to whom to avoid misunderstanding. Maintain a well-organized process to keep everyone at ease doing their designated jobs and respecting each individuality.

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You should consider how they want to take feedback from their tasks and how they can work it out if it doesn't go well and what they want to have if it shows a positive result.

Focus and Objectives

It is vital to keep your team motivated. Make sure to encourage them to do better in each given task. Remember that it is not only about giving commands but as well as supporting and knowing your members.

You can discuss a project over lunch and have it finalized once you get back to the office. Having an activity outside will help them to think more sensible and appropriately focus on what objectives you have. It is also necessary to have the same goals to avoid confusion.

Issues and Problem Solving

There are two types of encouraging techniques a leader should know which is applicable for a person and as a whole means the team.

First thing you should know where the problem lies. Who is the concerned person or group of people? Before solving any problems, it is important to recognize where or to whom you will start. If you think that it is more than two people are in these issues, a general call for discussion is required.

Rewards and Opportunities

Everyone has a different way of thinking and personality. It is better to ask what they want to receive as a reward once they did a great job. Other than that, you should also set targets and provide rewards where they will be a push to do better next time if they fail at some point.

Giving an opportunity is one of the great strategies that will boost productivity and maintain effectiveness at work.