How do Veritas courses help you gain skills for architecting, implementing, and backing up critical data?

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Data protection is crucial for all businesses, irrespective of their types and sizes. If you want to protect the data of your IT organization effectively but do not know how to achieve it, you can consider taking one of the mission-based Veritas Courses. One such course is Veritas Backup Exec 20.1 Administration. Veritas designs this course especially for data protection professionals like you. You can consider joining this course if you perform tasks such as architecting, executing, backing up, and restoring vital data.

What does the course teach you?

All Veritas Courses are renowned for their comprehensive syllabus, covering different aspects of different IT fields. Therefore, the Veritas Backup Exec 20.1 Administration course is no different. It offers professional training so that you can architect, implement, backup, and restore critical data of your organization effortlessly and efficiently.

The Backup Exec 20.1 Administration course also teaches you configuring storage devices, managing media, handling and maintaining the Backup Exec setting efficiently. It will educate you on configuring and working with other diverse environments. It will aid you considerably in protecting applications, such as:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft SQL

Above all, you will be capable of protecting the critical data of your organization in Virtual environments.

Why should you opt for the Backup Exec 20.1 Administration course?

Similar to other Veritas Courses, the course in Backup Exec 20.1 Administration is an object-oriented path. You will get a basic understanding of the operation and structural design of Backup Exec. In addition, it aids you significantly in installing and upgrading to Backup Exec 20.1 effortlessly and effectively.

Additionally, the course in Backup Exec 20.1 Administration teaches you about configuring storage devices as well. You will get the skills you need to manage media and devices that the Backup Exec uses efficiently. In addition to running backup and reinstate tasks professionally, you will be capable of setting data backup and its recovery expertly according to your preferences.

In addition to helping you perform the job of online tragedy retrieval professionally, the Backup Exec 20.1 Administration course provides you with the skills to work efficiently with encryption. Furthermore. You will be capable of completing various other tasks successfully, including:

  • installing the Simplified Disaster Recovery disk formation wizard
  • Creating a Simplified Disaster Recovery disk imagen
  • Recovering a server with Simplified Disaster Recovery
  • Backing up a physical device and converting it to a virtual one on a planned or simultaneously 
  • Installing, configuring, and managing the features of the Backup Exec Central Admin Server

Things you can protect by learning the course in Backup Exec 20.1 Administration

Veritas Courses are usually famous for providing learners with the skills to protect their IT environment and infrastructure.  Accordingly, the Backup Exec 20.1 Administration course aids you substantially in:

Protecting remote servers using the fitting Remote Agents.

Protecting applications and databases using Backup Exec, including:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Agent for Active Directory

Above all, the Backup Exec 20.1 Administration course helps you with configuring Backup Exec Deduplication Storage. You will be capable of backing up and restoring deduplicated data too. However, the key to reaping the benefits of taking the course is choosing a reputed training institute, such as RPS Consulting.

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