how to play Best Live Dealer Baccarat

How to play or how to bet on baccarat online Just like playing baccarat in a real casino in all respects. The style of play may be close to How to play Dragon Tiger or Blackjack online, but mainly how to play Baccarat online on mobile and on PC are as follows..

  • Players choose to bet on the Player or Banker side.
  • Other side bets can be added (but the two sides cannot collide with each other).
  • The dealer draws 1 card to each side until 2 cards are totaled.
  • The dealer reveals the Player's first two cards, followed by the Banker's card.
  • Which side has 2 cards, totaling 8 or 9, wins immediately (if equal is a draw)
  • If Player or Banker scores less than 5 or 6, has the right to reveal the 3rd card.
An example of how to play Best Live Dealer Baccarat

It can be seen that online baccarat There is a very easy way to play. Know the result of losing quickly. And for the rules of showing the 3rd card, players need to look carefully first. because each table Each Live Casino Provider Usually the rules here are slightly different. and will be explained in the next section..

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