UWELL Caliburn G Pods Kit Review

The Ultimate Vape Pod System of 2022

Throughout the last year, I've used various case mods. There was much more than I recalled. Just a modest bunch stick out, similar to the SMOK Nord, Perdu Vape Orion, and VooPoo VINCI POD. Nonetheless, I continue to get back to UWELL Caliburn. The design of the UWELL Caliburn G has also been significantly improved; it now has a more premium look and feel (and is also available in new colors). you can additionally choose among air flow picks (MTL tight and


Why caliburn pods from Uwell? 

Why? The pods last for weeks and provide the finest, most regular flavour of all due to the fact they're so easy to use. I have around 60 vape pods, and that is the finest one I have ever had! it's been nearly 18 months since I was given mine, and it's still my move-to pod vape gadget. It seems that nothing else can take its location. That, in my opinion, is what makes the Caliburn the high-quality vape pod available on the market proper now (and probably for the relaxation of 2020 as properly).

The only problem with the UWELL Caliburn pods is that it's now banned for sale in the US, thanks to the FDA. Now that the Caliburn is not to be had for purchase, UWELL's new Zumwalt Vape Pod is simply as outstanding (and has a larger battery), so that you have options. UWELL has now produced the UWELL Caliburn G, that is a successor model to the Caliburn. And it's wonderful; for greater facts, see my complete UWELL Caliburn G evaluation. in case you stay in the united kingdom or Europe, the UWELL Caliburn continues to be available to buy on-line. it is trustworthy, and it's a widespread advantage. It has terrific flavour, especially when the use of nicotine salts juice, and it has a fair battery life for a gadget of this length.


Design concept: 

To be honest for a guy like me, the sleek and slim design of uwell caliburn pods kit is perfect fit. That is the reason it has been the number one pod system readily available on the market. 


That’s why I’m happy to report that UWELL didn’t disturb its original design too much. UWELL has made many welcome changes, however, like the redesign it now looks a lot more premium, and its ability to withstand two types of draw: Tight MTL and Loose MTL.



The UWELL Caliburn kit is breathtaking. It is that simple. The coils last for weeks at a time (and are rechargeable). The flavor is out of this world, and it's so easy to use that a five-year-old could figure it out without instructions (not that you should test it).


The performance is better than that of the UWELL Caliburn. And the UWELL Caliburn G has better battery life. And that's really all you need to know: the UWELL Caliburn was the best pod and now its successor, the UWELL Caliburn G, has taken over, thanks to a few design and feature updates.


The pod market is now the most competitive space in the vaping market. There are a myriad of options to choose from - from high powered pods to rebuildable pods and everything in between.


The pod market is now the most competitive space in the vaping market. There are a myriad of options to choose from - from high powered pods to rebuildable pods and everything in between.


Me? I love my single pod vapes. I want MTL on them. I don't need a lot of power. And I want to be able to use Nic Salts or 50/50 vape juice in them. I can't be bothered by anything else.


Wrap Up: 

I'm still a little worried about “successor devices” - I'm still worried that they fail to live up to the hype of the device they are following. But here UWELL has outdone itself: the UWELL Caliburn G takes all the elements that made the original UWELL Caliburn great and just made them better, adding more performance, better looks and better design, and longer battery life.

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