KD and his team have won 50 games consecutively in 2K22

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The preseason has begun, and NBA 2K22 MT the season opener for 2022 is just two weeks away. A few superstars are working hard to make their last few hours in the arena. Kevin Durant is one of the players who have been highlighted by his amazing win streak at the park last night.

KD and his team have won 50 games consecutively in 2K22. He was joined by Josh Choc Humpries who is a 2K content creator, as well as Stephen "SlayIsland" Lay (2K league player). After the night of victories, KD confirmed the results published by Choc in an email. The tweet quickly became a viral post on Twitter. Choc is a 2K YouTube content creator who has more than 200k users.

Choc is likely to upload the video on Buy MT 2K22 his YouTube channel, after last night's 50-game winning streak. The video was not available as of the time this article was written. The fans can only imagine the joy that surrounded the 50th match.

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