The desire to purchase a property takes birth as soon as an individual starts putting up in a social circle or gets the first job. For many people, owning a property is not at all less than an achievement in life.

The desire to purchase a property takes birth as soon as an individual starts putting up in a social circle or gets the first job. For many people, owning a property is not at all less than an achievement in life. To be very honest, buying property is actually a blessing that comes only with hard work and destiny and in this, property astrology  can help you a lot.

But, do you know the purchase of property has a deep relationship with your horoscope? Yes, it does. The planets and zodiac signs and many other planetary combinations in our horoscope make the situations in a way that we naturally drive to have our own property. An expert astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can precisely evaluate your Kundali and tell you the chances of your own house with the help of own house astrology by birth chart .So, let’s explore what astrology says about purchasing a property.



Knowing houses responsible for property in the horoscope

When we move around astrological conditions that make preferable chances of having property, few planetary bodies find the highest weightage. As per Vedic astrology, following planets play a major role in property horoscope with positive outcomes. So, let’s check them out here –

Mars planet in Kundali –  For purchasing properties like home, commercial building or even plot, the presence of Mars is known to be very crucial. In Kundali where Mars is exalted, the native would certainly have his own house and also his house would be full of happiness. A big and lavish property prospect becomes when there is Mars present in the horoscope because Mars is known as Bhumiputra, and with his blessings, native owns Bhumi means land.

Saturn in Kundali – The appearance of Saturn in Kundali indicates agricultural land and old houses.

Venus in Kundali – The consideration around Venus in Kundali tells the native to have commercial property and flats.

Knowing Kundali houses responsible for purchasing property

Ascendant – a key significator of property horoscope – This house represents the native’s tendency or physical inclination towards buying properties.

2nd house in Kundali – This house is all about wealth, earnings and prospects of making money in Kundali. If your Kundali has a strong 2nd house, it ensures for the native to buy property with the help of his or her wealth. Therefore, whenever a person consults a good astrologer for property purchase-related analysis, he first considers the condition of the 2nd house.

4th house in Kundali –  Condition of 4th house assures about property that will be of any kind like ancestral property, self-invested property, vehicles or convenience etc. Hence, the prediction around the purchase of property based on the 4th house should be done carefully as it might include multiple things besides immovable property.

11th house in Kundali –  This house focuses on the accomplishments of goals and gains in life. It tells if the native will be blessed with their own property or not.

Property astrology tells the ideal time to make property investment

Indeed, property astrology has that power to tell the native when he should invest in a property, and the results would be accurate if the consultation is taken from an expert astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. By analyzing your horoscope he can tell you about the Property Yoga in Kundli.

Even with your date of birth and time, the actual prospects of property purchase and land ownership can be discovered. The right time to purchase property matters a lot because it brings Shubha results with certain gain. When it comes to property investment which often involves huge expenses, risks and sometimes, the investment of all savings, taking help of property investment, you can balance the risk.

Though you need to understand that property astrology will only tell you the time estimation based on different yoga in your Kundali. A strong yoga for property in your Kundali tells the native to have property with less effort and without any hassles. On the contrary, poor property yoga clearly states fewer possibilities or risks involved in property investment.

But if you get your Kundali reviewed before making a property investment, the astrologer will tell you if the time is suitable to make that investment or not. By following the advice of a knowledgeable astrologer who has experience in Property astrology, then you can get your dream property.