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The Analysis of the stock trend is very important before creating a portfolio, only this would help to understand the stock trends. As per the rise and fall of stocks, the trends move UP, Down, or sideways.

Simple ways to play the online stock game

The second wave of the pandemic has made you surrender and not sure as an aspiring Investor how you can progress? You don’t need to start investing immediately. Grab the positive of the scenario and learn how to deal in a highly volatile market at negligible risk.

The nature of the share market is Volatile. And to practice trading, there is no better time than now.

A Virtual trading game or Stocks fantasy game is a real money game, and real market situations will decide the earnings. Stocks fantasy game offers an investor or non-investor an opportunity to indulge in stock analytics and challenge their knowledge and earn at the same time.

BYSOSone of the legitimate stocks fantasy games where you can learn the stock market exchange and earn real money, with negligible risk. And it helps you learn to deal with real-time market scenarios while practicing ‘sell’ and ‘buy’ as a part of the fantasy stock.

An app that is highly accessible and processible, BYSOS is designed in a way to benefit the players, be it in a form of skill development or rewarding wins and contest offers.

Select a Fixture

BYSOS has three fixtures, each has its timings to be started as the share market and different types of contests in each fixture.

  • Beginners Contest
  • Head-to-Head Contests
  • Mega Contests
  • Give away contests

Create a Portfolio

BYSOS believes, to be a champion only the best portfolio can make the loudest noise, which is all your pure skills.

BYSOS have added 20 listed companies to the stock list on the Fantasy Games App

As per your analysis, you will just need to choose any 12 stocks

If you are selling 11 stocks, you should buy at least 1 stock to proceed further

If you are buying 11 stocks, you should sell at least 1 stock to proceed further

You can sell or buy any number of stocks with the basic requisition ratio of 11:1+

Assign Hero and Zero of the day

Select stocks which may trend up or which stock may trend down, your right decision can make you a champion on BYSOS.

Now select your Hero of the day and Zero of the day on selected 12 stocks

Both will fetch 2 times or double points based on their stock market performance

Join a contest

Join a contest by selecting your portfolio

You can create up to 5 portfolios and use them to join for a single contest

You can edit and make changes to your portfolio until the contest begins

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