What are Fixtures?

The Analysis of the stock trend is very important before creating a portfolio, only this would help to understand the stock trends. As per the rise and fall of stocks, the trends move UP, Down, or sideways.

BYSOS has created fixtures to help you in a better way. Come, Let’s go through the fixtures now.

Fixtures are the whole schedule of contests to be played in the gaming app, indicating when each contest is to be played. It includes the whole list of contests to be played by an individual in the app, indicating the start and end timings of each contest.

In BYSOS — Stock Fantasy Game we have a total of fixtures namely;

Opening Bell: 10:00am — 12:45pm

Closing Bell: 1:00 pm — 3:45 pm

Let’s see the difference between these fixtures and why are they different from each other:

Opening Bell: In Trading terms, the opening bell refers to the start of a regular trading session on an exchange and is open for its normal daily trading sessions. The opening bell gives occasion for exchanges to make news and better market securities during an initial public offering.

The share prices which are updated at the time of the beginning of the contest [i.e., 10:00 AM], then it is considered as an opening bell.

Closing Bell: In trading terms, the closing bell refers to a report at the end of the trading session that gives you an assessment of the primary gainers and losers of the day. The report will provide you with details of any news about the gaining or losing stock that could have been attributed to the day’s trend. It will also give you insights into developments in the sectors in which these primary gainers and losers belong.

The share prices which are updated at the time of the beginning of the contest [ i.e., 12:45 PM] is considered as open price.

So, following fixtures will not only help you to play the contests and win big but also helps you to maintain your punctuality in daily life which is a real necessity in modern life! Punctuality and Patience are the virtue!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about the fixture, now it’s time to visit our website, Download BYSOS App, and start playing!