How to Download and Install Computer Hardware Drivers?

How to Download and Install Computer Hardware Drivers : Here are the best step by step guide to install your computer hardware drivers.

All the computers that are equipped with Windows operating system come with a wide variety of drivers software that helps the different kinds of gadgets to communicate with the windows used in your computer system. Normally it happens that windows automatically identifies the new part of your computer and works simply. But in some of the cases, the windows system directly accesses the internet and tries to fetch some instructions before finishing the job.

Hardware drivers for windows 10

They are very important because it helps the system to recognize the device attached to the computer externally. Whenever you attach any hardware device to the computer whether the attached device would be too old or too new for the windows for recognize it. Then the computer system will annoy you every time with the same cranky message over and over again Install HP Printer Driver on Windows 10”. Now it is all up to you to find out and then download and install the latest driver for that hardware device. The drivers which are built by good companies usually come with an automatic installation program that helps the user to place the driver software in the right place and also fix the problem. But on the other hand, if you have not installed a good driver then all the work will be done by you, and it will be a very tiresome process for the user.

But if some situations arise that the Windows is unable to recognize and install automatically your newly attached piece of hardware. The first thing which you can do is that you can restart your PC, but it doesn’t change then you have followed these instructions given below to locate and install the new driver for computer hardware devices. The instructions given below will probably get the answer to your question about how do I download hardware driver: -

How do I download hardware driver: -

  • The best thing which you can do is that you can directly visit the hardware device manufacturer’s official website and from there you can download the latest driver. You might find the official website on the hardware device box, or you can just Google the name of the manufacturer and find their website.
  • Now on the website you have to look for the Downloads or Customer Service Area. To find the driver for your hardware device you have to put your device name or its model that can be helpful to find the Windows driver and then you can download and install it.
  • Sometimes it happens like when you download the file it makes the installation program jump into action and the driver is installed for you. Then you will see a yellow folder on your screen with a little zipper on it. You have to have to right-click on the folder and after that click on the extract option and the folder will be unzipped and the driver gets installed in your computer.
  • Another way is that you can choose the Device Manager option to pop up by right-clicking on the Start Button. Device Manager is like a whole record for all the inventory for every part inside the device or the hardware devices attached to the computer.
  • Now the next thing which you have to do is to click on the problematic hardware device listed in the Device Manager Window. Then from the Device manager’s menu bar, you have to click on the Action, and then from the drop-down menu choose Add Legacy Hardware. Then the rest of the work will be done by the driver itself it will guide you with the instructions to install the hardware device and if it will be necessary, it will also get you an updated hardware driver.


It is more like some advice for you that if you are not having trouble with the hardware device then you should not go for the option to update its drivers even if you find the latest driver for the device online. There are chances that the unnecessary updated driver might put some glitches in the hardware device, which was already working fine because that driver may be built to support the new models of the hardware device that you own.

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