EA launched New Madden 21 Flashbacks two weeks ago

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At the end of September, EA launched the new and fun Madden 21 Flashbacks. The appearance of the promotion made players ecstatic. Every player has a chance to get Flashbacks. Star players with upgraded cards include former Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota and current Seattle Seahawks guard Greg Olsen. They are the two most powerful players that appeared in this event. Players who have a lot of MUT 21 Coins in their hands have already got them.

Based on past outstanding performance, EA released Madden 21 Flashbacks for players. In the recent release, based on the 2016 performance, five new Flashbacks players appeared, including Robert Woods of Buffalo Bills. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, Seahawks Titan Gregg Olsen and Dolphins LE Ndamukong Suh received new cards based on their 2015 performance. Mariota may mainly attract the builders of the Titans theme team. However, his new card has 89 speed and 89 thrust, and 88 short hits and 87 passes. Therefore, for many MUT members, he is not an excellent choice.

People who want to get Madden 21 Flashbacks players need to try their luck in the ultimate store. Players who choose the training option will find 3,800 training Flashbacks packages. Each package contains a Flashbacks player. These cards have 3,600 training options from Quicksell. Therefore, if players do not find the players they want, they may regain some training.

Madden Auctions also provides the opportunity to buy or bid on any new Flashback. Mariota, Peters and Woods priced at around 160,000 Madden Coins, which are lower on the PS4 list. Players should first Buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS to get sufficient currency reserves for all kinds of players.

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