Madden 21: The franchise model update may surprise people

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2020 will be difficult for everyone. Including game developers. In a series of videos and public statements, EA is committed to focusing on the development of the franchise model. They outlined the two-stage approach between Madden 21 and Madden 22. GameMS is a professional site to buy Madden 21 Coins. Sufficient inventory and competitive price!

For Madden 21, the goal is to produce "two or three" updates to improve the experience. This focuses on different UI elements, customization and adjustments. They also mentioned better specialist tools designed to give you more control over your franchise. Madden 22 changes are where changes need to be made gradually. They put forward some suggestions, such as scouting improvements, better teamwork spirit and so on. Every time Madden 21 passes the update, there is no major franchise mode editing, and fans will question when they will see their promise. The stability of the core game is obviously EA's top priority, but time is running out.

Most Madden franchisees have already started their main games. When the game came out, it was difficult for fans to wait for an early update before starting the franchise. EA must be very careful and ensure that they do not "overcommit and underdeliver." This is almost a win-win situation. They need to spend some time to do the right things and provide meaningful things, but at the same time, don't spend so long, so as not to lose confidence in the fans.

The new Madden Voice community system will help fans feel heard, but this will only work if certain measures are taken. It feels like EA will have to learn some lessons from fans and try to share important updates to keep Madden 22 engaged. As other developers build relationships with the NFL and rival sharks are circling, EA wouldn't want to see the same thing happening in Madden and NBA Live. You can buy MUT Coins to make your Madden journey smoother.