Path of Exile-Getting Started Skills

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If you are just starting to play Path of Exile, you may still be working hard to make many features in the game reflect. From PoE transactions to the use of various PoE balls, you can purchase POE Currency to make the most of everything in the market. Fortunately, this short "Path of Exile" leveling guide will help you.

Level 1 to 65
First of all, you only need to worry about the blue package. Until level 30, you don’t have to focus too much on marginal tasks. However, starting from level 30, you will want to pay more attention to character development through its PoE version. Your main concern is to cultivate as much XP as possible, but if you have enough confidence, you are free to deal with the creatures you think are suitable. If you just want to continue using XP, check places such as Dry Lake or Docks to move forward.

Level 65 and above
When you reach this stand, you can at least start running the non-red map. You can continue until level 90, and then view the arable PoE currency for you to use in the game. You can change the difficulty of these maps to get better rewards and experience, but obviously, it is more difficult to do so. However, in terms of upgrade speed, when you start to reach these levels, you will find that the upgrade has declined. However, mapping is a necessary step to enhance the role.

Group game
If you have the opportunity to do this, it will help in group matches. It can help you reach higher levels faster and easier. In each town, you will notice a bulletin board. These are used when you create a group for people to join or let you join a group of other participants. Even if joining a group will increase the difficulty of the enemy, you can still get the support of other players and take advantage of others' gains and more advantages.

Where to farm
It is also important to know where to farm. You can operate in the densely populated area of ​​each behavior, such as in the ledge of the first behavior or the Fellshrine ruins in the second behavior. Then, when you reach Act 3, you can go to the city of Saen or the pier we built earlier. By traversing these areas, you will be able to upgrade immediately.

Find the best equipment
Choosing the right equipment is crucial to "Path of Exile". It may be difficult, but you can buy Exalted Orb to take full advantage of the features of the PoE version. You also need to find equipment with gems that suits you, which will be difficult to maintain as the game progresses. Hope to upgrade your equipment every 10 levels or around that time, you should be doing well. Finding the right gear is more important than spending all the money on something at once. These are some early tips to help you with an entry-level Path of Exile.