Most Frequently used trading animals in the Stock Market!

The Stock market broadly refers to the collection of exchanges and other venues where the buying, selling, and insurance of shares of publicly held companies take place. The Stock market is where investors connect to buy and sell investments and most commonly, stocks which are shares of ow

The Analysis of the stock trend is very important before creating a portfolio, only this would help to understand the stock trends. As per the rise and fall of stocks, the trends move UP, Down, or sideways.

In the Stock market, the most commonly used terminology to define specific characteristics of the type of traders or investors or the market scenario is Animals. We will discuss some of such most commonly used animals in the stock market in this article.

There are few most frequently used animals in the share market by stock analysts or the authors of investing books.

Bear-The Pessimistic

The bulls are convinced that the market is headed for a fall, Bears are pessimistic about the future aspects of the share market believe that the market is going to be in RED. And Bears are the reasons for getting the share prices lower.

Bulls-The optimistic

Bulls are the investors or traders who are totally opposite of the bulls. They represent the investors or traders who are optimistic about the future prospects of the share market. They believe that the market will continue its upward trend. Bulls are the ones who drive the share price of companies in an uptrend!

Dead Cat Bounce

This refers to a temporary upswing of the market in the midst of a bear run or it could refer to the particular stock behaviour. A temporary recovery during the bear run.


The sharks have very little interest in big complicated methods of making money from the market, They get into the traders, make money, and exits the share market.

Hawk Dove

Hawks and doves basically suggest the sensitivity of the policymaker is towards an economic situation. A ‘hawk’ wants a tough stance in an economic situation, but a ‘dove’ wants to be easy with it.


The investors who are fearful of the stock market and hence do not take risks and they stay away from the market risks by sticking to conservative instruments such as bonds, bank deposits, or government securities can be referred to as chicken


The traders or investors who take a position for a very short period of time, the trading time of these traders is typically in minutes can be referred to as Rabbits.


The investors look at the long-term frame and try to make the least possible number of traders, and they do not care about the short-term fluctuations more concerned with long-term returns can be referred to as Turtles who are typically slow to buy.


The impatient trader is willing to high risk, be greedy, and be emotional. The Pigs usually lack analysis and always look for hot tips and expecting quick bucks from the share market. Mostly the biggest losers in the stock market.


These investors believe that if they do not know how their portfolio is doing, it might somehow survive and come out alright, these kinds of investors bury their heads in the sand during bad markets hoping that their portfolio won’t get severely affected.


Sheep are those kinds of investors who stick to one investing style and do not change according to the market conditions. These investors are not interested in developing their own investing or trading methods.


The poor performance of the stocks will be beaten down by the market. Many financial analysts look into the dog stocks closely as they expect these stocks to recover in the upcoming days.


The investors who are opportunistic, are not really interested in a bull or bear market.


Wolves are powerful investors traders who use unethical means to make money from the share market. Mostly, these wolves are involved in the scams that move the share market when it comes to light.

Lame ducks

The type of trader or investor who trades and ends up with a huge loss. Lame ducks have either defaulted on their debts or gone bankrupt due to the inability to cover trading losses.


These are the big investors who can move the stock price when they buy or sell in the market. you can make a lot of money if you trade alongside the right whale.

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