NBA 2K21 simple guide for beginners

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The developers of 2K recently changed some controls in the game, causing players to relearn how to shoot. The updated shooting method is not the same as before. It also causes novice players not only to learn how to choose the right time to shoot but also to master a few control keys so they can know when to shoot and when not to shoot. Even players who spend NBA 2K21 MT to buy top shooters like Ray Allen or Curry need to pay attention to it.

Players must pay attention that if their players want to shoot, they must reserve enough shot space in front of them. In other words, when the opponent’s defensive player guards the shooter strictly, the point guard should not pass the ball to the shooter to let him shoot, because the shooter’s shooting space is not good, which leads to a waste of offensive opportunities. If the shooter has received the ball at this time, then the ball should pass to other teammates for them to score.

In NBA 2K21, players have other options to open up space. One way is to execute the drive by pressing the left stick and R2 in RT/PS4 in Xbox One. The second is to use the right joystick to rotate. Finally, players can also make a pick-and-roll to hinder the defender’s pace and open up some shooting space for the shooter. If they want to call a play, just hit LB/L1 while dribbling, and then press the button corresponding to the set play they want to call.

They should use the right actions at the right time. Dribbling is one of the most basic operations players need to master in the game. Although this is the most basic, it can also mean the difference between being defended and a defender who has passed the opponent team. Time is also very important. They need to practice this as much as possible in practice mode, because time is the most important factor for effective passing.

Novice players can use these tips to adapt themselves to the updated shooting control as soon as possible. Players who want to win can Buy 2K MT at GameMS and then come back to enhance their team’s overall strength.

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