Questions: What are the latest products

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Questions: What are the latest products that are used to OSRS gold dispose of junk. I would like to know to be able to show all the tsg what items are worth buying. Answers: I suggested a friend who got his ban to purchase his 1-70 fletching snuff (about 1.8m (u) bows) for example the maple logs cost 44 gp while maple longbows (u) are at 144 grams.

Pouches are the new standard, starting at the Ge 1b+. Bone bolts are bought by people and never sell them. They're still valuable. Scrolls that I drew in my childhood. OMG, I've seen oil Lanturns. Uni torstols and the cadatine. The pouches of the spirit. Ironsteel pl8arrows. and uni bows. This is mostly found in gilded sellers.

I was simply curious as to how best to buy RuneScape Mobile gold improve my range of F2P. My current level of ranging is 64. Prior to that, I was training on Hobgoblins. However, I do have the best range weapon/armour for F2P and blahblah. I'm curious about where I could learn to train.

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